As usual, I’ve dug myself into a hole of backlog. I’ve realized that in some shows, I’m as far as three weeks behind. I’ve decided to stop covering Air Gear and Nana, even though they’re both enjoyable series. If someone really wants me to do them, which I doubt, than maybe I’ll reconsider. They’re both being subbed pretty quickly though. As much as I’d love to keep covering Spider Riders, S^M seems to have stopped releasing it. Until they decide to start again *hint, hint* I won’t have any material to write about. I’m still waiting for quite a lot of backlog to download, so it may take a while for me to fully catch up.

Otogi-Jushi Akazukin 07

Souta and the others save Ringo and she goes along with them to Fandevale. Souta’s powerful abilities are also shown.

That was interesting. I doubt what was seen in this episode was the extent of Souta’s abilities, so I can see why people are after him. He’s quite powerful. Souta’s father is also pretty interesting. He definitely knows things about Fandevale, but what?
She grows on me more and more each episode They're too cute!

Otogi-Jushi Akazukin 08

In Fandevale, The Musketeers face Randagio and his animal partners, who have Hamel imprisoned. Hamel informs Souta of how Fernando is depending on him.

It looks like all sorts of random fairy tale characters will be showing up in Fandevale. Hamel (the pied piper, I believe) made an appearance this time. He looks like he’d be an interesting character, but I doubt we’ll see much of him, since he said that he wouldn’t be joining Souta and his group. It should be interesting to see what people appear each week.
Ringo's hair=win Randagio I like, but the bird is annoying

Chokotto Sister 04

Chitose decides to get Haruma chocolate for valentines day, but many obstacles eventually cause her mission to fail. Haruma receives chocolate from the old lady Ayano and after having a nightmare about Choco’s present, keeps her trapped in a box.

It seems that the comedy of this show comes from bad things happening at the worst opportune time. There was lots of madness in this episode that my brief summary couldn’t cover. I found the first half of the episode particularly amusing, with Chitose’s fantasy of what would happen after she gave Haruma chocolate. Um… that’s just not likely. He still likes Ayano. After that dream he had though, I question his feelings for Choco. In all, very funny stuff. I really hope the next two episodes finish downloading soon.
Chitose's fantasy, complete with sparkles I wonder what twisted idea Makoto gave her

Demnashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 06

The first half focused on Fuzzy Lumpkins, who attempted to make everything his territory, gaining fans of his musical talent in the process. He’s also developed a crush on Miss Bellum. The second part featured Princess, who wants attention and plans to defeat a robot that she created to get it.

At first I found Princess’s character design weird, but it grew on me and now I find it kind of cute, especially in her normal form. I wonder if she’ll be able to get her monster form back. After all, on the ED she’s in monster form. Since her cat wasn’t returned to normal, I think that she may be the key. Fuzzy Lumpkins is definitely cute, though not as much as in his original design. Although the lyrics were kind of funny, I found his song rather annoying. How did he get so many fans?
Fuzzy Lumpkins takes a break from his destruction to sign an autograph This show has awesome facial expressions

Shirayuki-hime tries to contact Fandevale but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Souta and Ringo are let out of school for summer break and Ringo is excited about going to camp. She expects that Souta will be coming too. At his home, Souta learns about what happened and decides that he’ll go with the musketeers to Fandevale to make sure Fernando is okay, rather than attend camp. Ringo isn’t happy about this since he won’t get to go to camp with him and also because she’s worried about him being in a magical world but Souta has no intention of changing his mind. Ringo starts to ignore him, even through graduation. Meanwhile, Hansel continues with his plans after watching Souta for a while via the spy. He gives Randagio orders but since Gretel keeps failing him, she doesn’t have a role in this plan. That night, Souta works on his homework, hoping to get it done before he leaves. Akazukin asks him if this is really okay with Ringo, but Souta still believes that it’s fine. The next day, it’s time for the summer festival and Ringo is selling stew that she made. It doesn’t taste very good and her friends explain to her that it’s probably because she didn’t make it for Souta. She works hard to make some stew with Souta in mind and goes over to bring it to him. When she gets to his house though, Souta has already left. Ringo discovers a video though that Souta left for her. On it, he apologizes while in the background, Akazukin, Shirayuki-hime and Val are attacked by Ibara’s vines. Ringo is touched and starts to cry. She calls Souta, asking where he is and tells him to wait for her. Ringo then rushes after him with the stew. Souta is attacked by Randagio and the Nightmariens, but the musketeers fight him off. Meanwhile, Ringo runs into Gretel, who wanted to do something anyway. Gretel takes Ringo hostage. She drops her stew and her phone as it’s ringing.

More quality! Best of all, now I can finally say that I’m not behind on every single show I’m watching. Since everyone’s been introduced, it looks like we’re getting into the meat of the story. I’m assuming a large portion of it will take place in Fandevale, since that’s where that little pink thing is. He’s on the eyecatch, so he’s got to be a more significant character. I don’t believe he’s shown up since episode one, which is kind of interesting. They’ve even made a plushie of him and since there’s no Val plushie, he’s probably supposed to be a more significant character. This is entirely speculation, but usually merchandise is made of popular characters and you can’t become popular if you’re only in one episode… I think. Anyway, I didn’t plan for this whole review to be about that pink mascot whose name I can’t even remember. Ringo, my favorite character, was the main focus of this episode. Again, poor Ringo gets the short end of the stick. While she had anticipated a great summer break, she’s instead left to worry as the boy she likes is going to a magical world where people are after him. Sure, he’ll be with people to protect him, but these people are also potential love rivals. I’m aware that this point wasn’t bought up in the episode, but I also think that the thought probably went through Ringo’s mind. Anyway, now she has a bigger worry. She’s been kidnapped by a maniac bro-con. Good luck saving her, everyone and do it fast. The tension drives me crazy when my favorite characters are in danger.

She can't contact Fernando Waking up Ibara is a dangerous thing A video message is an unusual way to apologize If this didn't look so cool, I'd be sad

At school, Souta displays his abilities to speak with flowers to several classmates, as well as displaying his obliviousness to Ringo’s feelings for him. While Akazukin and Shirayuki-hime are supposed to be looking for him, they get distracted by food and are taken to a stage because they’re apparently late for something. It turns out that they were mistaken for cosplayers entering a contest. They win the award, despite not knowing what cosplay is. Meanwhile, Souta and Ringo find a sleeping girl who starts to attack them with her thorns. The girl, Ibara-hime, defends Souta and Ringo when Gretel shows up. Another girl arrives, offering her help, but she turns out to be a nightmarien in disguise. Luckily, Shirayuki-hime heard Souta’s call for help. She, Akazukin and Val arrive on the scene. They reveal that Ibara is the third Musketeer. She’s not going to be much help at the time though, because she’s still half asleep. Gretel is able to capture Souta, but a thorny plant that he had saves him. Gretel gets angry at the plant and destroys it, creating enough of a ruckus to wake up Ibara. The three musketeers team up against Gretel, who uses gravity magic to escape. Gretel returns to Hansel, who seems okay with Gretel’s failure. She was at least able to lower their guard so that Hansel’s spy would be able to find the place covered by the barrier. He is upset that Gretel got hurt though because he doesn’t like the weak. Rather than being offended by this, Gretel seems contented that her onii-sama touched her cheek. Meanwhile, Souta feels bad that the thorny flower had to sacrifice itself. That’s okay though because Ibara uses her earth magic to heal it.

Very enjoyable. I wonder who Ibara is supposed to be. My only guess at the moment is sleeping beauty, seeing how Ibara tends to constantly sleep. Ibara looks like she’ll be an okay character, but she’s not as interesting as the other two musketeers at the moment. Also, she’s not nearly as cute. Ringo’s still my favorite, so I felt bad for her in this episode. She was throwing out very obvious hints of her affection to Souta, but he was only paying attention to the flowers. It doesn’t seem likely that they’ll end up together, so it’s sad to watch Ringo acting this way. In the next episode, it looks like something makes her particularly upset. Poor Ringo gets all the angst in this show. Despite the fact that Souta is the bad guy’s actual target, he manages to stay quite cheerful. That probably has something to do with his obliviousness. Still, he’s really not that oblivious. He seems to be pretty in-tuned with nature at least and he was able to tell that the girl offering her help wasn’t what she seemed. Anyway, the good thing about being behind is that I have the next episode downloading at the moment and will be able to watch it soon.

Despite what Ringo wants, this is not a date Ibara's not happy to be woken up
All three musketeers No comment

After sensing another Nightmarien, Shirayuki-hime and Val head to Souta’s school. Shirayuki-hime plays the role of a substitute teacher and while on the job, assigns the students essays to pick out dresses, accessories, bags and a prince for her. That’s not going to be on the finals, but the students have no choice but to work on it. Erika isn’t doing her essay though. Instead, she’s watching some sort of watch. She asks to go to the nurse, but Shirayuki-hime refuses, since she doesn’t look sick. Ringo and Souta defend Erika and volunteer to walk with her to the nurse. Besides, if something goes wrong they’ll have Akazukin to protect them. At least, that’s what they think. Akazukin and Val have found the lunch room and are eating all the school lunches. Shirayuki-hime catches up to Erika and reveals to Souta and Ringo that Erika is an enemy. She had placed mirrors throughout the school to use dimensional magic. Erika activates her magic now and fights Shirayuki-hime. With her magic, Erika, who turns out to really be Hansel’s sister Gretel, creates a dimensional barrier. Shirayuki-hime protects Souta and Ringo from the spell but winds up getting trapped outside of the barrier, which is around the school. Everyone inside the school is knocked unconscious. Gretel believes that this includes Akazukin and Val, but they were actually just sleeping after eating so much. They come to protect the kids from Gretel and find a way out. Akazukin can’t escape, but Souta believes that Gretel isn’t really a bad person and will let them go. Gretel, however, says that everything she told Souta was a lie and that he’s too trusting. Ringo doesn’t think that’s a bad thing though. She’s upset that she didn’t trust Shirayuki-hime earlier. Akazukin figures out a way to get out. Shirayuki-hime had hid a mirror just before the barrier closed so that it could be opened. She just had to make sure that Gretel wouldn’t find it. Gretel breifly fights the musketeers, but Hansel tells her to retreat. When everyone goes home to Souta’s newly protected house, Ringo tries to apologize to Shirayuki-hime, but Akazukin interrupts, wanting more food. Shirayuki-hime wants to eat too, so they go to have dinner.

Yeah, its torture to be behind. Since I’m behind in every single series I’m watching though, I should really stop bringing it up constantly. Anyway, this was an enjoyable episode. It was as cute and fun as usual. Gretel is yet another cute character in this series, but the catch is, she’s evil. She didn’t even turn good when Souta was trying to convince her that she wasn’t really a bad person, which is a cliché in this type of show. I kind of like it that way. I wouldn’t want things to be too simple. If anything, the fact that everything works out so well is my gripe with this series. Souta is in no real danger, considering how flawlessly powerful Akazukin and Shirayuki-hime are. Now that he’ll be getting a third musketeer bodyguard in the next episode, the bad guys will really have to shape up. Granted, nobody was actually able to beat Gretel this week, but she couldn’t beat them either. We haven’t seen what Hansel can do yet, (or at least I haven’t, but I’m behind) but hopefully he’ll be quite tough.

Maybe she should consider a change in profession Erika's true identity About as close to real angst as this show will ever get Hopefully Hansel is as menacing as he looks

Eep! I’ve fallen behind. The reason for this: Super Robot Wars Alpha. I recently got the game and have been hooked on it. Of course, when I’m playing that I can’t be watching anime. I guess between rounds I’ll be playing catch up today. I’ll probably do mostly quickies, only because I do have a life outside of anime… maybe.

-Ringo learns of Akazukin and Val living with Souta and is not happy about it
- Val decides that he and Akazukin should be more cautious about their secret, but they’re doing a poor job and Ringo becomes suspicious
- Akazukin goes out to buy pastries, but since she and Souta don’t have the money, Ringo has to pay
- Akazukin and Val explain their secret. Souta is happy that the fairy tale his mother told him is real.
-Ringo states that if Souta is this all important Elde key than he’s probably in danger being out like this.
-Val attracts crowds of people for being a cute dog. He gets annoyed enough that he starts to yell and winds up making the news for being a talking dog.
-Hansel finds Souta’s locations thanks to the news stories and sends two Nightmarian bats to attack
-The 2nd Musketeer, Shirayukihime (Snow White) saves everyone on the account that Ringo will buy her some dresses from Elde. Of course, this was Akazukin’s decision, not Ringo’s.
-Akazukin and Shirayukihime are both getting attached to Souta, much to Ringo’s dismay

Okay, that worked out rather differently from the OAV. I think I like the TV series better so far. Val was very, very cute in this episode. I adore cute wolves in general, though Val’s personality definitely adds to my liking for him. He’s so totally arrogant. Also, he’s very un-doglike. It was funny to see both him and Akazukin discover the things of the human world. I especially liked the scene when they saw the pastries on the news. Priceless expressions. I’m hoping this will remain as such a fun show to watch. Shirayukihime was pretty interesting too. She’s an ojou-sama type without a doubt. I don’t really care for that type of character, but I’ll have to see how she is as the story goes. Next week, we get to see some of Souta’s school life, where it looks like he has another girl trying to join his harem.

Food tends to always leave that impression on me You've been a bad dog! Snow White has become a mahou shoujo The harem begins

A boy named Souta listens to a fairy tale from his mother. Soon after, a spider-like beast grabs his mother and sucks her away. The beast chases after Souta, but he’s saved by a mysterious girl. This turns out to be a dream and Souta is woken up by his friend Ringo, who rushes him to get ready for school. On the way there, they discuss his dream. Apparently, he’s had this same dream several times, though this time he had a different feeling. Ringo wonders if it’s really just a dream. It turns out that it’s not of course and the girl is currently fighting off monsters with the help of a blue wolf, Val. On the way to school, Souta says hello to all the flowers, while Ringo is teased about her relationship with Souta. Later, Ringo interrupts Souta while he’s in the library to tell him that the flowers are in bad condition. Souta assures that they just need water and sure enough, that does the trick. Ringo is impressed. Afterwards, Souta rushes off to look in the bookstore for a certain fairy-tale, but is interrupted when his dad calls from work. After the call, he starts to hear voices, which he follows until he finds a boy telling the fairy-tale with puppets. Apparently he got it wrong and so Souta corrects the boy, who seems to know that he had it wrong. He calls Souta the Erude Key and turns into a spider beast. He’s saved just in time by Val. Meanwhile, it’s seen that there’s some kind of conflict going on between two opposing countries. In the obviously bad country is a black-haired woman and a talking cat. In the other is a young boy with a funny thing on his head and a cute, whimpering animal named Kyupi. While they flee, Souta asks Val what he’s a key to. Val is surprised to hear that he’s the key, but before he can explain, they’re attacked again. Val (who wants to be called Val-sama) fights against the monster, giving Souta a chance to run. Just like in his dream, the beast chases after him so just like in his dream, the girl saves him. She fights and defeats the monster, much to the evil cat’s disappointment. The cat’s boss, a boy named Hansel, was watching too, so the cat tries unsuccessfully to make an excuse for the failure. Meanwhile, the girl makes sure that Souta is okay and introduces herself as Akazukin.

That was a blast to watch. I’m sure familiarity with the characters boosted my enjoyment, but it’s not like I actually remembered anything from the OAV except that it was cute and a couple character’s names. Speaking of names, I’m sure I got some of them wrong. A lot of the names in this show are unusual and they were kind if hard to understand. As far as changes in the transition from OAV to TV, there are a couple. The characters seem to be about the same personality-wise (Val is arrogant, Ringo is bossy, etc.) and the basic plot is the same but the rest is a bit different. There seems to be a few new characters. For instance, I don’t remember seeing Kyupi in the OAV (though I could’ve just forgot.) The pacing is also drastically slower. The OAV was very fast paced. This change is probably just because they had a lot less time in the OAV. Overall, I think I’m really going to enjoy this. It’s cute (lolis and shouta’s everywhere) and it has a pretty interesting plot. I’m curious about just what the meaning of Souta being the Erude Key is. About the OP and ED, I don’t like the OP. The animation is alright, but the song is awful. The ED theme is the same as the ending from the OAV. I was never a huge fan of the song, but it’s not horrible or anything and the animation is certainly a lot better than the one they used in the OAV. One more thing: despite the fact that Souta/Akazukin seems pretty obvious, I’m rooting for Souta/Ringo. My reasoning: She reminds me of Sweet from Zoids Fuzors. Sweet clone FTW!

Souta the shouta, our dinky-looking protagonist I detect some tsundere behavior Kyupi is so cute! Akazukin attacks

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