A little girl named Tsugumi watches Ai, but after a train goes by, Ai disappears. This girl lives with her father, who after reading an article about the Jigoku Tsuushin has been trying to access the site. He wonders if the reason he can’t access it, even at midnight is because he should be the target of vengeance. Another girl, Chie, does use the site. She seeks vengeance on the man who hurt her friend Yuuko. Later, At Tsugumi’s home, her father, Hajime, asks her if she’s heard of the Jigoku Tsuushin. She says she has, but doesn’t want her father to write an article about it. Then she goes into a weird trance and uses Ai’s signature line, “Ippen shinde miru.” The next day, Hajime continues his search for information and finds on a search “GBC39.” This turns out to be the address of a hamburger shop. Chie’s still angsting over Yuuko, who it turns out was pushed off a balcony by her boyfriend. She gets on a train but when it lets off, she’s in the place where Ai usually gives her spiel and doll. This of course happens and then some lava beasts drag Chie onto a bench, where she wakes up with her Wanyuudo straw doll. Ai is watching her. Back at Tsugumi and Hajime’s house, Tsugumi is about to have some milk when she enters trance-mode again and asks to go to the hamburger shop. Her father takes her and at that time Chie is at the shop as well. She goes to face her boyfriend who works there. She mentikons the fact that she used the Jigoku Tsuushin, but doesn’t want to pull the string. The guy mocks her, so she takes out the doll. He starts acting nice to her, but Chie’s too angry to listen so he attacks her. When Hajime and Tsugumi arrive, she pulls the string. The guy receives his haunting and as he falls off a building, Ai gets him with a reverse ippen shinde miru and sends him to hell. Later, Chie visits Yuuko in the hospital. She revelas her mark and tells that she really liked the man at the hamburger shop. She just didn’t want the same thing to happen to her.

Finally another episode that really varies from the usual pattern. While last week’s gave us some unfulfilled questions, this one actually gave true variations from the usual part. One particularly interesting scene was when Ai was talking to her grandma, saying that Tsugumi bought back memories. Tsugumi obviously has some connection to AI, because she did the ippen shinde miru and sent her father to the hamburger shop. What exactly is the cause of her weird trances though? Another interesting point bought up is what Hajime said about people who should be the target of vengeance being unable to be sent to hell. While this was just a guess he made, it certainly was true in his case. Now I’m wondering what he did though that he’s so regretful of. There doesn’t seem to be a mother in the picture, so that may have something to do with it. Hopefully we’ll see more of Hajime and Tsugumi, because their presence makes this show a whole lot more interesting. With Hajime’s obsession with the Jigoku Tsuushin and Tsugumi’s connection to Ai, they may be the keys to answering all the questions posed.

Tsugumi's weird trance # 1 And now he'll spill milk on the computer and all his research will be ruined Evil hamburger shop employee The first step to pulling a Shinn Asuka

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