Yukari goes to her photo shoot and though nervous, lets Mikako’s assistants prepare her makeup and everything. While there, her flashbacks explain a bit of her family’s history. Her brother was everything that her mother wanted while she wasn’t. The only thing that gave her any hope was that she got into a prestigious school. Of course, everyone she met at the Atelier made her feel like she was a part of something. Now that she was chosen by someone like Mikako to be a model for a magazine, she feels even better. After the shoot, which turns out well, she’s invited to eat dinner with the others and George takes her “home,” which is currently Arashi’s house. Yukari invites George to stay for coffee, but that eventually leads to a night of sex and Yukari losing her virginity. Meanwhile, Arashi meets up with Hiroyuki, who wants information on Yukari. He goes to see her but Miwako stops him. While they talk, she’s unable to explain but Hiroyuki figures out that Yukari ran away from home.

I’d probably call this the best episode yet. Unfortunately, things don’t stay this way forever. Since it’s been a really long time since I read the manga, I’d forgotten about Yukari’s past. I feel terrible for the fact that she couldn’t live up to her mother’s expectations. The way she’s been acting now makes a whole lot more sense to me, because this is the first time she’s really been accepted. Even Hiroyuki, who seems to like her seems to like Miwako more. I wonder if Yukari had grown up under more normal circumstances if she would have been willing to do something as extreme as giving up her virginity the first chance she got. George can be nice, but he’s not really a prized guy. There’s a lot about him Yukari doesn’t know, but she has it in her head that they’re similar and so… well it resulted in sex. Analyzing hurts. On a lighter note, I find it insane that Mikako’s 36. She doesn’t really look that much older then her sister, who doesn’t look like a college student. Now that she’s changed her hair, Mikako looks even younger then she did last week. I don’t blame Yukari for being unable to tell the two apart.

Yukari's uniform is her only pride I have no sympathy for Mikako being upset that people confuse her for her sister Yay! So Arashi's a Franz Ferdinand fan? ^_^;

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