Train is now working as a Sweeper with Sven and Eve. Their current target is a man named Igor Planter, who’s broken out of jail along with others. Rins is continuing her investigation from last week, but she’s distracted a bit when a drunkard confesses his love for her. She’s then confronted by Janus, Chronos member Seen, who knows her identity immediately. She learns a bit about Taoists from him but is then attacked. She’s able to escape though and coincidentally meets up with the Sweepers at a restaurant, where Train is making a pig of himself. Meanwhile, it’s learned that Igor Planter is ironically enough, a gardener. He seems to be pretty content working at his garden and living with a little girl (his daughter?) However, two Taoists, the fire-breathing Kyoko and this other guy whom I’ll just call Tall Hat Man for now show up wanting to recruit him. Soon, Sven realizes that Eve is missing. He, Rins and Train rush out to search for her. Train heads off on his own though. It turns out that Eve has located Planter. When she reveals that she’s searching for him and uses her “I am a demon” line, Planter snaps and drinks this strange thing. He mutates and is able to control his plants, using them to trap Eve. Rins and Sven wind up terribly lost, running into an aquarium and an art museum. Train, however, locates Eve. He frees her but winds up trapped. Then the plants grab Eve again. Soon enough, the others arrive. They start firing at the plants but it’s Train who saves them by destroying a gem that Planter was wearing. Before they leave to go back to eating, Rins notices the bottle on the floor.

Good stuff! This episode certainly had its “Huh?” moments, but it set up a promise for even better future episodes. It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Janus. Now we’ve also got these two new taoists. From the little I’ve read of the manga, I remember their existence. I don’t know much about them though except that Kyoko has fire abilities, but that’s obvious from the OP. Next week it seems we’ll learn more about her though. It looks like she develops a crush on Train. That could be dangerous for him. She may be cute, but she’s still evil. Speaking of Train, I’m not too pleased at the fact that he became so cheerful, so fast. Obviously his time with Saya changed him, but I can’t see how he could recover from her death this quickly. I suppose he has to act differently around Eve though. His interactions with her are very cute.

Please stay awesome Rins. You're my hope now that Saya's gone. This picture does not do Tall Hat Man's hat justice It seems Chronos never took time to teach it's members table manners I think Planter's been taking too many steroids

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I didn’t watch the episode yet, but maybe a long time has passed since Saya’s death? Or is this right after? Also the fire breather tao user in the manga turns out to be not evil at all…

Comment by Fayt 11.27.05 @ 6:43 pm

In the manga, Kyoko’s evilness is… up for debate. For the most part I think she’s so cute we forgive her for it. But really, Kyoko’s morals are very questionable. She’s killed peopled just because they pissed her off, and she did it rather often. She only stopped because she got a crush on Train, and Train told her that she shouldn’t kill people. Like Belze said in the manga though, she could really easily just go back to her old ways… she’s very tempermental and fickle.

Comment by Chi 12.01.05 @ 12:22 am

Also, they said it’s been 6 months already since the events of the last episode. Besides, Saya would want Train to live more cheerfully, instead of being all broody and stuff.

Comment by Chi 12.01.05 @ 3:14 am

Thanks for the info. I missed the six year thing. I try to watch raws to help practice my Japanese, but I’ll miss details like that as a result. It’s always good to know all the facts.

Comment by TL-chan 12.01.05 @ 2:00 pm

character relations

Creed Sephiria
\ /
1) kyoko–> train–> girls

Comment by johnny 12.01.05 @ 7:39 pm


train and creed
train and kyoko
train and saiya
train and rinslet
train and sephiria (yes)
sven and eve
rinslet and jenos hazard
jeno hazard and women

Comment by johnny 12.01.05 @ 7:43 pm

Thanks Johnny. I’ve read a bit more of the manga and am now up to chapter 27. I can see the likelihood of some of these pairings. I’m now dl-ing episode 9 with much anticipation to see what happens.

Comment by TL-chan 12.01.05 @ 9:04 pm

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