Arika and Mashiro are trying to hide the fact that they made a contract while Arika researches how to end it. However, Natsuki and Shizuru have figured it out. Sergei suspects it and informs Nina. Arika’s acquaintance Miyu has come to town (with her bird Alyssa) so Arika and Mashiro go to her for help. She removes their gems but doesn’t know how to break the contract. Arika hasn’t told Irina and Erstin about what happened, but instead told them that she wants to learn about the Otomes. Nina decides to help them break into the forbidden library to try and confirm her suspicions about Arika’s contract. Her plan was to make use of Nao’s key, which happens to be identical to the key Midori used in HiME. They manage to get into the library, but don’t get to do their research because they’re discovered by the old lady whose name I never bothered to remember. She tells them that the pillars of information there are actually graves and one of them is of the girl she was helper underclassmen of, Monica Julien. Monica died in a battle where she faced her best friend. Many otomes were involved in this but their devotion to their masters were stronger then their friendships so they fought their hardest and killed each other. Old lady also sees that Arika lost her gem and replaces it. She punishes them all by making them scrub the walls. Meanwhile, the last descendants of the black valley prepare for an attack.

A pretty interesting episode. I’m quite surprised to see that Miyu isn’t evil this time around. Instead, she’s actually a friend of Arika. Still, seeing how she acted toward Mashiro, I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. Miyu’s still very protective, but this time of Arika rather then Alyssa. Alyssa, like Mikoto has become an animal. She’s not particularly cute though like the adorable Mikoto cat. A suppose a bird is fitting of her though. She can still be spiky and yellow. ^_^ The Otome battle royale thing was pretty intriguing. It reminded me of what happened with the HiMEs toward the end of the first series. I wonder if another of these will occur. Arika’s been told once again that the otomes aren’t supposed to be friends with each other. In that battle they were forced to kill their friends and it’s possible that the same thing could happen again. While Nina seems to have no problem with this, Arika certainly doesn’t want to hurt her friends. Next week we get a beach episode. Come on, we just had a pool episode a few weeks ago. I hope there’s some plot development here, because while the pool episode was fun, it wasn’t really necessary.

Her invention failed Miyu's back The latest charater to be animal-fied Uh... Super Saiyan Arika?

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