A girl named Meg is in the hospital. She wishes to die and prays for it. What she believes to be an angel that was sent down turns out to be Sugintou. Meg kisses Sugintou’s ring, creating a contract with her. It’s then learned that this was all Shinku’s dream, or was it? This girl really is in the hospital and as soon as the doctor leaves the room she calls for her angel. Sugintou states that she isn’t in angel, but Meg says that she’s more like a dark angel but will call her Sugintou. Meg and Sugintou discuss the Alice games and Sugintou says that she doesn’t need a medium’s help to defeat Shinku. Meg wants Sugintou to use all of her energy though so she’ll die. Sugintou flies off to Shinku’s town, but being there gives her haunting memories of her past. To make things worse, she’s attacked by Barasuishou. She uses Meg’s energy to defend herself, but is reminded of when she was defeated by Shinku. She goes into a bit of a breakdown after Barasuishou mentions Father. After returning to Meg’s window, she decides that Barasuishou was right and Father may have fixed her. Meg thanks her for using her energy. She tells that she was supposed to die when she was five but kept living. She knows that she’ll die soon enough though because she’s “broken.” Sugintou isn’t “junk” though, in fact Meg sees her as perfect. Sugintou agrees, saying that she’ll be Alice, but she still seems unsure. She then heads back to Shinku’s town, this time actually meeting with her enemy. Shinku thinks this Sugintou is just another dream, but it attacks so Shinku realizes that she’s real. She’s glad that father repaired Sugintou. Sugintou threatens to destroy Shinku the next time they meet, but Shinku first apologizes for calling her junk and says that all the rozen maidens always had a fair chance of becoming Alice. Sugintou disappears and returns to Meg, who’s singing. Sugintou wants Meg to continue singing but she declines, saying that she’s junk. Sugintou disagrees and doesn’t think she should call herself that word so lightly. Meg continues singing for Sugintou. Meanwhile, Barasuishou reports to Father’s assistant that everything is going according to plan.

Wow, the subs came out fast for this one. I actually didn’t really need them though. My Japanese is getting better! Enough gloating though, I’d rather talk about this brilliant episode. I don’t think I could really say anything negative about it. I’ll admit that I was never much of a Sugintou fan until today. I think my dislike for her attitude last season distracted me from seeing that her character has a lot of depth. The fact that they waited for the last episode to really reveal that she was anything more then a psychotic though played a big part in my not realizing her awesomeness. Due to the circumstances of her creation, Sugintou’s a very angsty being. She always had an inferiority complex because she thought she was “junk.” Now she’s been given a second chance to live though and the first person she meets is someone with the same complex as her. Meg, however, saw Sugintou as perfect. This, in combination with Sugintou’s obvious problems really made her change the way she looked at certain things. Also, her talk with Shinku helped. I was somewhat surprised that Shinku had forgiven Sugintou and actually believed she was the one who was wrong. I’m starting to rant too much, but I’m just such a sap! I loved this! The ending where Sugintou helped Meg was just sweet. This was so touching. I hope the rest of the season can live up to the greatness of this week’s episode.

Angsty Sugintou Sugintou's medium, Meg Sugintou enjoys her free show I hope she has some depth and is more then a psychotic too

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