December 22- Hayate is still in the hospital. Signum works on gathering more pages for the book of darkness.
December 23-Fate has dinner at Nanoha’s house and Nanoha’s family plans to invite everyone over for Christmas. Suzuka calls up all of her friends to plan a surprise visit to Hayate. They arrive with Christmas gifts for her. She’s pleased, but most everyone else is uneasy because the Kishidan (minus Zafira) happens to be there too. Shamal and Signum acts calmly, but Viita is openly angry. Shamal, Signum, Nanoha and Fate go up to the roof when Suzuka and Arisa leave. Viita arrives, attacking Nanoha. The other’s then begin to battle. Their fights are distracted though when not one mask man, but two appear and trap everyone in energy bonds. They trap Nanoha and Fate in a crystal and take Viita, Shamal and Signum’s cores to use for the book of darkness. Then they make Shamal and Signum disappear. Zafira arrives but they take his core and knock him out. They then transform into Nanoha and Fate and transport Hayate to the roof. They taunt Hayate and then finish off Zafira and Viita. When Nanoha and Fate escape, they discover Hayate having a psychotic breakdown. She transforms into a white-haired, winged being and summons the power of the book of darkness to create a huge ball of energy.

This was a total shocker episode. I didn’t expect the Kishidan to go so soon. I hope they’ll be back. I feel pretty bad for Hayate. She had to witness Viita getting killed by people that she thought were friends. Now she looks pretty creepy. Her design kind of reminds me of Sugintou. Some Christmas she’s having. I hope Nanoha and Fate will somehow be able to turn her back. Maybe they’ll have to kill her. I hope not, but there’s still a good chance that Hayate won’t live until the end. Now there’s two mask men. That’s pretty crazy. I’m not sure who the second one is, but I have a pretty big suspicion that one of them is Chrono’s father. On the preview, Chrono seemed surprised seeing one of them de-masked, so they probably have some connection to him.

Viita-chan kowai Evil masked men x 2 They're all disappearing A newer, less friendlier Hayate

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