Amano once again proves to be a big baby, as she needs to go to the hospital after falling down the stairs. After she’s done being treated by Miku, she sees a boy in a wheelchair putting on a magic show. He messes up and drops the ball he was using so his audience ditches him. Amano goes up to him and they introduce eachother. His name is Kouji and he goes to the same school as her, or he would if he wasn’t in the hospital. Amano encourages him and says that she’ll introduce him to her friends. She takes the Happy Seven to see Kouji the next day. In the lobby, Mina and Nami randomly faint as they often do and for once they receive medical attention for it. They’re soon fine though and the Happy Seven decide to help Kouji with his magic shows. They put on quite a spectacular performance. Kouji’s mother is pleased to see her son so happy and takes a picture of the event. However, she cries while she’s doing this. Later, Amano, Okiku and Mahiru take Kouji out for more practice, but Kouji’s sensei shows up. It turns out that he has a magatsugami inside him (and this one’s kinda cute.) Mahiru and Okiku transform to fight it. Kouji’s surprised by this, but Amano assures him that it’ll be fine. The magatsugami summons little monsters to attack the two members of the Happy Seven while he goes for Kouji. Amano stands in front of him but Kouji pushes her away and the magatsugami possesses him. He attacks Amano but Amano uses her powers to send the magatsugami out. Okiku and Mahiru have finished with their opponents and they defeat the magatsugami too. Kouji tells Amano that he’s feeling better and he’s going to start going to school. The next day, Amano goes to the Happy Seven with the good news, but they’ve got some bad news for her. Kouji knows their secret so they have to erase his memory. Kikunosuke gives Amano the object that he used on her in the first episode. Amano refuses to do it though and runs off to the hospital. She wants to see Kouji, but learns that she’s dead. Miku suspected this would happen and so the Happy Seven is their to meet her. Amano is angry and runs out into the rain. Kikunosuke tries to give her an umbrella, but she still steps away angrily. Then Kouji’s mother shpws up. She gives Amano the picture and is very glad about all they did for her son. Amano cries and runs up to Kikunosuke, who holds her.

This was too sad. While I suspected that Kouji was going to die as soon as I saw his mother cry, this was still painful to watch. Amano seemed to really like Kouji. While I don’t think there was anything romantic between them, it was still a close friendship that was shattered before it really got a chance to develop. Amano also proved useful in this episode by helping Kouji, a rare thing. It’s interesting to see that Amano was willing to go against the Happy Seven if it meant letting Kouji know the secret. It is kind of silly that people with magical powers always have to hide their secrets. While theirs some people that it would be dangerous to tell, I don’ think there would really be any harm if Kouji knew. Next week it looks like this will be explored some more as Mimi and Nene get involved in the secret. We got a new ending theme this week, though I doubt it will remain. It was a really pretty song though. Unfortunately there was no Happy Special. I guess the happiness of it though would’ve distracted from the solemn tone of the episode, so I’m okay with that fact. Now that Happy Seven has shown that it can be truly serious, I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Down the stairs she goes Kouji the magician I wonder if there could've ever been something between them I want to say something about Amano being lucky, but she's just too angsty here An unhappy ending

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I am a french fan of Happy Seven!
It’s a wonderfull anime!
For me, this episode is the more sad!

This blog is wonderfull! Continue this good work!


Ps: I don’t find the episode 12&13 in VOST, can you help me?

Comment by Appolionos 03.14.08 @ 1:24 pm

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