Hajime continues his investigation and wishes to speak to Chie, but her mother refuses. He sees that Chie was watching him through a window, but she closes the blinds and Hajime gets a work related phone call anyway. At a bakery, a girl named Yuuka has gotten a chef names Morisaki to sample some dessert that her sister made. To Yuuka’s delight, Morisaki liked it. Her sister, Hiromi, and father have always dreamed of opening a cake shop, so it’s good news that a famous chef found their food delicious. Yuuka tells Hiromi, who’s equally pleased. They know that if their father was still alive he’d be happy too. They remember their past when he helped teach them how to bake. Yuuka then says she has more good news; they’re going to be on one of Morisaki’s cooking shows. Hiromi seems a bit worried. One morning, Tsugumi turns on the show that the sisters are appearing on. Behind the stage, Hiromi is still worried, but Yuuka tells her that it will be fine. Meanwhile, Morisaki announces his latest creation, the item that Yuuka let him sample. The sisters are called on to stage and the audience is shocked when they show off the same cake that Morisaki displayed. Morisaki grins evilly and they stop airing the show. Yuuka is angered when she and Hiromi are yelled at for stealing Morisaki’s idea. Unfortunately for Yuuka, she can’t really do anything because Hiromi apologizes. The next day, Yuuka hears two girls discussing the Jigoku Tsuushin (so they’ve started that silly plot device again) After hearing people who refuse to buy from their shop and being told by her sister not to do anything, she of course has to enter Morisaki’s name. Yuuka can’t access the site, however. She quickly realizes though that it isn’t exactly midnight. Once the clock changes, the site appears for her. Ai comes and does her usual thing. Yuuka then gets sent back to her room with the doll. Morisaki’s still up to no good. He sends someone from the bank who tells Hiromi to pay or else the shop will be closed. They can’t pay so the shop is destroyed and Yuuka enters angst-mode for getting them both involved in this. Hiromi says that it’s partially her fault. She turned down Morisaki’s love so he planned to ruin their lives. Yuuka finally goes to confront Morisaki, but winds up getting mocked. Angrily, she pulls the string. Morisaki heads to a nice, formal party only to get various cakes thrown at him. Tsugumi somehow sees this. She calls her father to tell what she saw. Meanwhile, Morisaki continues being tortured. Of course Ai’s associate’s fun has to come to an end when Ai arrives to take Morisaki to hell. While on the boat, he still gets to be haunted by a fake Hiromi/skeleton. Back on Earth, Hajime makes it to the party a bit too late. Hiromi’s back at work and Yuuka is pleased by her sisters success.

Wow, I wrote entirely more then I probably should have. Anyway, this one wasn’t as good as last week’s episode. Hajime and Tsugumi are quite interesting, but they hardly got any screen time. It looks like Tsugumi has the ability to see what Ai sees. There’s still no details on the connection between the two though. Hajime’s still having no luck getting his information. I wonder why he wants to learn about the Jigoku Tsuushin so badly anyway. Darn it, those two need to be on more. Also, I wonder if it’s a law that every so often two random girls have to be chatting about the Jigoku Tsuushin. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. This won’t make sense to those who haven’t watched the episode, but I’m overly amused by the line “Please eat me!”

Darned phone calls. They always interfere with paranormal investigation. Food fight! Tsugumi sees what Ai sees. Don't you just love it when your crush explodes in your face?

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