Name correction: Due to misreading the subs, I accidentally called Michiru Kamio, which is actually Misuzu’s last name. Sorry. I’ve now corrected it.

Yukito dreams about living wit his mother when he was a child. Misuzu walks in to get him up in the morning. They talk about Kano and the feather. Misuzu says she had a mysterious feeling when she saw it. She also comments that Yukito’s been out of it. He tells her it was because of a dream and not to worry. He then asks if she still has her flying dreams. She says yes. In her latest dreams she’s struggling to climb the sky. While doing this, she hears voices of people trying to restrain her. Because of their echo, she couldn’t climb anymore. After the explanation, the two split up. Yukito manages to actually impress two little kids with his puppet. He’s happy until he realizes that they didn’t pay him. While waiting for Misuzu, he runs into Tohno and Michiru. He asks if they’ve seen Misuzu but Tohno says she hasn’t. Tohno gives him yet another rice ticket and a bottle containing stardust. She also gives a one to Michiru and keeps one for herself so they all match. She says that her father gave her the stardust when she was little. They go through lockers to look for Misuzu’s stuff and confirm that she’s left already. Then Tohno takes Yukito to the astronomy club. She’s the only member though. She said that she also bought Michiru there for the first time because she wanted the three of them to see the stars together. She also says that she thinks Michiru likes him. Yukito doesn’t believe that. She says that she definitely does because she always talks about him. Tohno then says that she understands her because she’s half of her. They’re always together. She asks Yukito if he’s ever experienced the joy of living for others. He replied that he did in the distant past, in reference to his mother. Michiro leaves and Yukito walks Tohno home. He comments on her being tall. She asks him if he dislikes tall girls, which he doesn’t. Tohno likes being tall because she’s closer to the sky. Once they get to the house she tells her mother that Yukito’s a new member of the astronomy club. Her mother apologizes to Yukito for having to walk her home. Then she tells “Michiru” to come in, confusing Yukito. He goes home and sees Misuzu, asleep in her room. He wakes her up and is a bit mad at her for not telling him her classes would be going later then usual. They watch t.v., but Misuzu turns it off because she wants to play cards. For some reason, she starts to cry. Her mother comes in when she hears this and tells Yukito to step outside for a moment. Then her mother explains to Yukito that Misuzu’s always like that when she makes friends with people and that none of the doctors she’s been to could explain it. She said that it also happened when she was at school and she had to pick her up early, the actual reason why they didn’t meet up. Yukito says that he’ll try distancing himself from her. Misuzu realizes the reason right away the next morning. Yukito asks her if she has any friends, and she says she doesn’t. She then tells him that Haruko isn’t her real mother, she’s actually an aunt. Her mother actually left her with Haruko. Because she didn’t really want Misuzu either, Misuzu decided that she would live separately from her even though they’re under one roof. Then Yukito meets up with Michiru. She’s worried because Tohno isn’t there. As they wait, Michiru attempts to blow bubbles but can’t. Yukito takes the wand and bows one, which impresses her. She quickly saddens again though, so Yujito suggests that they go to Tohno’s house. Michiru doesn’t want to go, so he heads there on his own after picking up Misuzu. When he gets there though, her mother claims that she doesn’t have a daughter and closes the door. Then Kano’s sister shows up and asks him why he’s there instead of work. They discuss that Tohno’s mother has a condition and convinced herself that Tohno is really her second daughter who died. However now her condition screwed her up so much that she believes that none of her daughters exist. Later he talks to Tohno. She says that her mother was upset that Tohno was closer to her father, so really wanted her younger sister Michiru to be born. Last night though, she had a dream about Michiru being a miscarriage and this morning she asked Tohno “who are you?” This was the best episode to date. Last week was a bit of a disappointment, but this week… wow! We’ve gotten more insight on Tohno and Misuzu’s storylines. I feel so bad for Misuzu, that nobody wants her. She’s definitely not normal, but what difference does that make. She’s a really nice person. I absolutely need to see next week’s episode.

Potato didn't get enough screentime You evil blogger, how dare you mess up my name?! Chibi Tohno dosn't look that much different from normal Tohno Tohno's backstory is depressing

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