Canaria shows Micchan (her owner) photos of the other Rozen maidens, which excites her greatly. Back at Juns house, all the dolls but Shinku are preparing cookies. When she decides she wants to join them, everyone finds it strange. SHinku’s reaction is rather cute. It turns out that she’s not very good at kneading the dough. In frustration she slams it down, creating a powdery mess. Canaria then arrives with her latest attempt to get into the house. Hina’s excited to see her and the dolls let her in. Then the oven beeps. The cookies are ready! Jun picks up one of Shinku’s cookies and wonders what it is. Shinku whips him with her hair, saying that it’s Kun-kun (aww, it does kinda look like him.) Canaria’s starting to get paranoid as she sits with the other dolls. She gets even more worried when Nori and Hina offer her cookies and tea. They could be trying to poison her to get her rosa mystica. Too bad Suiseiseki starts pouring Kun-kun cookies into her mouth. They taste disgusting, so Shinku goes to start reading a recipe books. Canaria leaves, threatening to beat everyone next time. Souseiseki follows her up to the rooftop. She believes that Canaria was serious about her threat. She tells Canaria that the losers of the Alice Game won’t be able to return to the way that they are now. Canaria already knows that though, so she leaves. She tells Micchan about what occurred, and she’s very happy when she hears that the rozen maidens were baking cookies. Canaria then gets a thought and asks what Micchan would think if she stopped moving. Micchan freaks out, definitely not wanting that to happen. Canaria decides that she won’t lose. Meanwhile, Souseiseki goes toward the mirror, but Suiseiseki asks what she’s doing. She says it’s nothing and follows her sister. The next day, Sugintou visits Megu. Jun and Tomoe are invited to the doll shop, where Enju is finishing a new doll. At Jun’s huse, Souseiseki tries to get Shinku to talk. She doesn’t really get much info though because Canaria attacks. She uses a violin as her weapon and creates destructive sound vibrations. Shinku puts on headphone so she isn’t bothered by the noise. Suiseiseki, Souseiseki and Hina fight Canaria. Canaria retaliates by creating a tornado, which Shinku easily stops. She then slaps Canraia and tells her to clean up. She obeys and later tells Shinku that she did this so Micchan could see the other dolls and dress them up. Shinku agrees to come so Canria brings the others over. Micchan is overjoyed. She dresses them all up and takes photos. After that’s over, Souseiseki asks Shinku why she didn’t actually fight Canaria. Shinku doesn’t want to lose anything again. When Souseiseki returns to her home, she sees father in the mirror.

Darn, I wrote a ton again. I want to decorate my tree, so I don’t know what possessed me to do that. Well then, this was pretty fun. Canaria finally got some character development. Her medium is insane, but she’s really happy to have a doll like Canaria. It’s nice of Canaria to fight if it will help keep her happy. All the rozen maidens seem to really love their mediums, Sugintou included, though she’d never admit it. We don’t know so much about Barasuishou’s circumstances though. The only character more mysterious then her is probably Enju. It looks like next week will tell some more information on him. I look forward to that. Also, I hope Shinku gets over whatever’s bothering he soon. Even though she got to apologize to Sugintou, she’s still not herself. I wish her good luck on her cooking too. ^_^

Jun can't figure out what this is supposed to be Canaria's definitely paranoid Cute! Cute! Cute! Cosplay group shot

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Picture on the top right totally freaks me out.

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