No real summary because I don’t feel like writing one and because the pictures reveal the most important part. I’ve been given the ultimate proof that anything will surprise me. Regardless of the fact that the ED spoiled this, I didn’t expect the Lucky Three. This probably has something to do with the fact that they waited until episode ten to reveal their existence. This is kind of late in the series, so I passed it off as a silly little teaser that Amano, Mimi and Nene would transform into mikos. There’s plenty of mindless things in this show, so it makes sense that I’d think that. Regardless, it did happen and I’m rather pleased. While the three have rather boring transformation scenes, it’s still cool to see them get abilities. Unfortunately, this may be the final time that we get to see the Lucky Three in action. Memory erasing prick… err Kikunosuke decided to erase Mimi and Nene’s memories. While I knew this would inevitably happen it’s still rather irksome. Mimi and Nene are such good friends. They don’t deserve that. This week’s Magatsugami host, Tomomi, was awesome. I’m glad she learned to trust people, but it was kind of funny when she yelled things like “Everyone’s a liar.” By the way, I don’t think this is exactly what she said and thus don’t wish to be quoted for accuracy, but it’s something like that.

Miko Amano Miko Mimi Miko Nene Lucky Three!

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Heh I was surprised by this episode too. I was sure that Amano would eventually become a magical girl. However I thought she was just going to turn Happy 7 into Happy 8. I didn’t expect Mimi and Nene to also become Magical Girls thus giving us Lucky 3. Although in retrospect maybe I should have noticed for the same reasons you mentioned.

As for the end of Lucky 3. I doubt this will be the last time they are going to be shown. Simply because of one reason. Amano is the main female and thus I’m quite certain she’ll be in the final battle. So she may as well bring Nene and Mimi along for the ride. Thus I see Lucky 3 appearing again in episode 12 or 13. It depends on when the final battle starts and how long it lasts.

Comment by HolyAjora 12.06.05 @ 8:23 am

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