Yukari’s now officially living with George, but it’s a strange new life to adjust to. Her main worry though is about Miwako. Arashi is mad at her for some reason and ever since he told her, she hasn’t been around. While the others eat one day, George completes his latest project, a butterfly shaped ring made from beads. He puts it on Yukari’s ring finger. Yukari has to take it off though because George doesn’t want it damaged before the latest show. The next day, Yukari meets up with Mikako at a restaurant and Mikako has a new job for her. Yukari accepts. As the two are leaving, Mikako asks what brand of clothes Yukari is wearing. She replies they’re by ParaKiss. Mikako comments that George is a rival of hers. When it comes time for Yukari’s modeling appointment, she thinks about Miwako’s comment. However, she’s wearing George’s clothes because he told her that these are special outfits that he’d never sell. He wants them to be worn by a special person. After a brief wait, Yukari gets to meet Treetop’s representative, Shimamoto. She’s very surprised of Yukari’s enthusiasm toward modeling and winds up rolling in laughter about it. However, she gives Yukari the job.

Another good one. Unfortunately the subbing speed has slowed down on this, but it’s well worth the wait. George is still creepy. The thing with the ring he made is proof. I’ve been thinking though that Yukari isn’t totally innocent either. In a way, it seems as if she’s using George. She’s still upset about not living up to her mother’s expectations and the fact that George has accepted her made it a lot easier to run away from her life. Now we’ve got another situation with Miwako and Arashi. Arashi’s current attitude toward Miwako obviously has something to do with his conversation with Hiroyuki. Those three still have issues to clear up.

Miwako's been angsty because of what Arashi said to her George made a ring for Yukari This woman is a certified nutcase

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