Asami accidentally spills tea and burns her hand, as well as ruining a book of Ichimaru’s. He’s upset about what happened but Asami is mad at him because she thinks he’s most concerned about his book. Ichimaru feels bad and comes to give her milk for Kuri, which she spills. Ichimaru takes responsibility to clean it but since Asami spilled it she wants to clean it. The two start to argue and Ichimaru accidentally shoves Asami into a table. She gets upset and runs out. Ichimaru wants to find her, but Asami’s father comes over drunk. Luckily, Sakura shows up (with Sasuke and a case of beer) so he can go out searching. Feeling guilty, Asami shows up a few minutes later. Hearing that Ichimaru went out, she goes in search of him. Eventually the two find each other. It’s shown in the second half that being out without a coat had its negative effects. Asami’s got a pretty bad cold. She decides to stay home from school but winds up having to go out because they’re out of food for Kuri. She passes out in Iwasaki-kuns store. He calls Ichimaru, who rushes home. Ichimaru is in a panic and goes looking for Sakura. She’s not home, but Sasuke is and has some advice. He needs to get an ice pack to help Asami’s fever. Eventually he manages that and with th help of Sasuke and Asami’s father, Asami’s fever goes down. Sakura finally makes it and helps make porridge for Asami. Eventually the others leave. Asami’s father is confident that Ichimaru can handle the rest. Asami turns out okay and everything’s happy again… until episode 13.

Wow. I kind of didn’t feel like watching this (was watching KimiNozo before, and it’s hard to live up to that) but this was still pretty enjoyable. Sasuke was more helpful than annoying, which was a shocker. This is a wonderful development though. I’m most pleased about how Asami’s father has developed though. He now trusts Ichimaru. I’m sure he won’t let them have sex still, but at least he doesn’t hate Ichimaru anymore. There’s still one major problem though: Iwasaki-sensei. It looks like next time she’ll learn the secret. That’s probably going to lead to major angst, thus I’m looking forward to it.

Asami's hiding on the swingset Cliched endings sure are cute Oh my gawd! Dr. Sasuke has to keep Ichimaru in line

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