Things aren’t good for either Sugintou or Souseiseki. Sugintou’s worried about Megu’s condition, which is getting worse. Souseiseki’s trying to conceal the fact that she’s been seeing father through the mirror. Suiseiseki is of course worried about her sister. One day when Jun’s taking a walk, Enju’s assistant calls him in, asking if he wants to watch Enju make a doll. He’s pleased to be offered this, but it’s a bit awkward for him when Enju studies his face and comments about his hair. Jun then watches the process and is pretty amazed by how it works. He’s surprised to here that the doll head Enju made was a failure though. Apparently there was a slight problem with the eye. Meanwhile, the dolls are watching Kun-kun when Souseiseki comes back. Suiseiseki tries to get some answers from her but then Jun shows up. He picks up Suiseiseki, asking if she’s a doll. She’s very freaked by this. It’s getting late by this point and most of the dolls are going to sleep, but Jun catches Shinku before hand and asks her what kind of person Rozen/Father was. In the meantime, Barasuishou visits Sugintou, who’s watching Megu at the hospital. She tells Sugintou that if Megu had a Rosa Mystica then she’d live. Back to Jun and Shinku, Shinku doesn’t remember what Rozen looked like but doesn’t mind because she remembers his existence and the fact that he was very kind. She says that he can travel through time and change shape so he can exist anywhere. He needs to keep making the dolls until he can create Alice. At this point, Souseiseki has found father in the mirror. He disappears quickly though and Barasuishou shows up, saying that father will be suffering until he creates Alice, so the dolls have to start fighting soon. Souseiseki returns to Jun’s house, declaring that she’s going to begin the fighting so father won’t suffer anymore. Nobody likes that idea, especially Suiseiseki. Souseiseki says goodbye to the others, returning to the mirror.

Why is it that I always write more then I planned about this show? That probably has a lot to do with how darned good it is. This was one of the better episodes, as it finally gave us more background on Father/Enju/Rozen. It’s pretty obvious that Father and Enju are the same person, because Father has the ability to change shape. I guess the person that Souseiseki saw in the mirror was him as well, because he exists in all places. It’s pretty crazy that he has to do this. I almost feel bad for him and the fact that he’s still been unable to make Alice. Being a perfectionist, I understand how he’d suffer from his failure. The thing is, I don’t like how he’s forcing the dolls to fight in order to make his perfect creation. I wonder if there’s some other way. I always suspected that Souseiseki would be one of the dolls more likely to fight. I’ve now been proven right. Obviously Barasuishou is another. Sugintou’s likelihood is high as well, now that the life of Megu is at stake. Maybe soon the other dolls will be forced into it. For instance, if something were to happen to Souseiseki, Suiseiseki would possibly fight to avenge her. Though it sounds strange, Canaria could also be a major threat. She clearly has a competitive side and doesn’t really have a close relationship to the others. Next time it looks like the Alice Games will begin for real, so only time will tell.

Canaria and Hina make an amusing duo Jun experiences a moment of discomfort Megu's getting worse Souseiseki is going to fight the others

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