Amano was out in the rain and after being doused with a huge torrent of water, caught a cold. The Happy seven (plus Kuon and Shoujo) use this opportunity to get close to Kikunosuke. They play a game of janken (that lasts an insanely long time) to see who gets to date Kikunosuke. Kuriya and Tamon are the winners, much to the dismay of everyone else. The losers formulate a plan to spy on the winners, using Kuon’s advanced technology. The first spot that Kuriya and Tamon take Kikunosuke is a shopping area. While they look at clothes, Kikunosuke browses some model planes and robots. After that, they eat and go to the park. They then decide to go to Happy Land, an amusement park that Amano would’ve been at if she wasn’t sick. Mimi and Nene are there and see Kikunosuke so they call up Amano. Amano immediately gets up and runs there as fast as she can. She’s horrified to see that Kikunosuke is with Kuriya and Tamon so she uses one of her destructive screams and then passes out. Then it’s revealed that a member of the Happy Land staff is a Magatsugami host. Kikunosuke has the two girls watch Amano and transforms to fight it. The villain fires at the girls. Kuriya and Tamon escape but leave Amano. She’s fine though. Kikunosuke then defeats the Magatsugami. The next day, Amano confronts Kuriya and Tamon. They’re terrified, but it turns out that she’s super happy.

Okay now, this was a bit pointless. This is a harem show though, so I suppose episodes like this are fitting. It wasn’t a complete waste though. There were lots of chibis, which were awesome. Also, in respects it helped develop the Kikunosuke/Amano relationship. There was more evidence that he liked her, even though he was dating the other girls. He’s sweet to everyone, even Mina and Nami, who are much too young for him. He probably dated Kuriya and Tamon because he’s a nice guy, not because he liked them. Amano doesn’t really have anything to worry about, at least not love wise. She’s still got terrible luck and she still has the bad guys to worry about.

If either she or her sister winds up with Kikunosuke I'll agree with my orignal instincts that this is a stupid show Move over Ai, Mahiru is the true Jigoku Shoujo Kikunosuke's about to learn that girls adore shopping So Amano can actually be imposing, eh?

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