Arashi and Miwako settle there problems and are happy again, mostly. Arashi’s still mad at Hiroyuki, who happens to call looking for Yukari when he and Miwako are busy having sex. Yukari is still madly in love with George, but she’s upset that she’s unable to understand him. (Don’t be. Nobody can understand George. Not even me, and I read the manga.) Anyway, Hiroyuki eventually gets in contact with Yukari and the two meet at the restaurant where they last saw each other. Hiroyuki’s been really worried about her. He asks if George really cares about her and if things are going well. Yukari says that she’s happy, but Hiroyuki’s not sure since she’s crying while saying that. Later, George’s mother is talking to Yukari’s new agent. She doesn’t want to live on her own and wants to be taken in by the agency, but Kozue says that she’s too old. Yukari then shows up and is surprised that someone so young is George’s mother. The two talk and George’s mother doesn’t understand him either (See what I mean!) She also thinks that she sacrificed her life to have a child. Yukari suggests that she leaves and starts on her own. George’s mother says that everyone tells her that but she doesn’t have the courage. Yukari decides that she doesn’t want to become like Georges mother and George probably doesn’t want her to be like that either. Before leaving, she yells at George’s mother for her dislike of him. The mother replies that George is actually more important to her then anything. The wrong words just slipped out. Later, Yukari talks to George, who’s mad that she was going to ask him for advice. Yukari finally returns home and her mother allows her to be a model so long as she graduates high school. Yukari doesn’t care if she sees George again during that time.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with George’s character. The best thing about him is that he’s very unique. I’ve tried to find a character archetype to classify him under but I just can’t. He’s very mysterious and very intriguing. This, however, makes his personality hard to interpret. All I can really see is how he is n the surface; Very cold and very expressive of individuality. While he wants Yukari to be able to stand on her own, he’s not showing Yukari the love she desires and that George seemingly wants as well. Therefore, she’s pretty angry at him now. Seeing how George’s mother feels about him now shows that he must express the same attitude to other people around him too. Though Yukari dislike’s the way George’s mother acts, they’re pretty similar in personality. George’s mother may be even more indecisive and dependant on others though. This series is seriously coming out great. Even knowing what happens, I’m constantly in suspense here.

She should wear her hair like that more often Yukari says she's happy, but she's crying Writing captions for ParaKiss is difficult Pleased to be called young

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