First off, due to lack of time, I don’t think I’m going to blog Jigoku Shoujo this week. I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet and it’s already almost time to episode 12 to air. I wasn’t going to do this either, but it was more than good.

Barasuishou meets up with Sugintou and Souseiseki. Souseiseki says that she’s fighting on her own, not in their alliance and not with Shinku’s. She then leaves. Sugintou decides that she’s going to fight on her own terms as well. Meanwhile, Suiseiseki lies to Souseiseki’s owner that Souseiseki will return to them soon. When Suieseki returns home, she gets a very warm welcome from Hina and Canaria, but is still uber-angsty herself. Jun and Nori out on the tv, which inspires Nori to make this weird noodle thing they see for lunch. Madness eventually ensues and Shinku’s thought that Suiseiseki might cheer up was wrong. Shinku tells her that everybody, not just Souseiseki cares about her. Suiseiseki, as a result, tries to be a bit happier. That night, Shinku has a new Sugintou dream. This time, Sugintou takes a teacup and pours it on the rug. Somehow, this makes everything turn to darkness. It turns out that everything’s dark in reality too. Shinku, Hina and Suiseiseki head out to investigate. It turns out that they’re in an N-field that Sugintou created. They soon find Sugintou with Barasuishou. Sugintou attacks Shinku, but none of her attacks hit for some reason. Shinku says that she doesn’t wish to fight. Barasushou decides to attack and this time the attacks are dangerous. Everyone tries to dodge the crystals that Barasuishou is launching like crazy. Souseiseki soon shows up and begins to fight Sugintou before she can aide Barasuishoiu. Suiseiseki tries to make her sister stop fighting. Souseiseki takes out her scissors as a threat. Suiseiseki gets her watering can ready for defense and closes her eyes. Souseiseki uses this opportunity to get back to her fight. Unfortunately she loses though. She falls to the ground and briefly gets to talk to Suiseiseki, but soon floats up into the sky. A rose item comes out of her body: the Rosa Mystica.

This was a very impressive and very tragic episode. Easily one of the best so far. I could probably discuss Souseiseki’s death, which I do feel bad about, but honestly that wasn’t the most interesting part for me. I’m more interested in what’s happening to Sugintou’s character. I really, really liked nice Sugintou, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing her again. Now that she’s trying to get Megu a Rosa Mystica, it’s time for her old psychotic, ruthless self to be reveled. I had a great dislike for last season’s Sugintou, so I’m hoping she’ll get some more character development ASAP. Suiseiseki’s definiately calling for some more screentime too after what happened here. She was already depressed but now that Souseiseki’s been killed, she can probably only get worse. I doubt she’ll snap and try to kill the other’s since that would be very out of character for her, but I’m betting she won’t just recover with no explanation. I’m curious as to what will become of her. Will she want vengeance on Sugintou or will she simply slip further into depression? Another character who’s on my mind now is Hina. The next times hint that she just may be the next to go. That would be just too crazy. My favorite characters always seem to get killed off. Also, because of her behavior and cuteness, I admittedly don’t think of Hina as one who will be involved in the Alice Games. However, it’s true that she does has a Rosa Mystica and so she can and possibly will have to fight. She’s actually somewhat strong if I recall, but I don’t think she’ll be able to beat Sugintou or Barasuishou.

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