We begin with a flashback featuring a rather bloody battle. A man named Sakogami Sadakane, whom Amano is a descendant of, creates a strange seal on the ground. Back in present day though, everything’s occurring as usual. Amano is fangirling over Kikunosuke while Kokuanten and Tomoya are up to no good. The two meet up with Kikunosuke and Tomoya decides to mess with him a bit. Eventually he brings up Amano, causing Kokuanten to remember her interactions with Amano. She seems like she wants to warn Kikunosuke about what’s to come, but changes her mind. In school the next day, Kuriya is in the library. She accidentally falls off her stool but Kikunosuke catches her. The other Happy Seven members are jealous of course. Later, Amano gets a phone call from Kikunosuke, who has something important to tell her. Something’s definitely fishy though (besides Mahiru ^_^) because Kikunosuke is currently with the Happy Seven, about to tell them something important. Before going to the meeting place where Amano was supposed to meet Kikunosuke, she decides to pray at the shrine. She’s a bit surprised when she fantasizes that Kikunosuke wanted to kiss her. She then realizes the time and rushes off but Kikunosuke isn’t there. It’s Tomoya. He used a special phone to trick her. He then manipulates her by talking about how Kikunosuke dislikes her. After Amano reads the text on the back of the scroll with the original Happy 7, her eyes begin to change and she’s surrounded by lightning. She screams stop, creating an explosion. This stops Kokuanten. The Happy Seven hear this and rush out. Amano then somehow makes all the shrines in the city glow, forming the same symbol that Sadakane made. When the Happy Seven arrives she’s back to normal but near death. She apologizes several times and says that she likes Kikunosuke. The others are all horribly upset. Kikunosuke holds her hand and before dying she states once again “Watashi… sempai no… koto… su…ki” I like sempai. Kuriya seems to be the saddest of them all after this. Then a huge earthquake begins.

This was just mind blowing. The series has probably gotten as serious as it’s going to get. Amano can’t really be dead, can she? The main character never dies in the second to last episode… I think. Anyway, her death scene was still touching. She’s finally confessed the obvious to Kikunosuke, but now she’s dead so he can’t do anything about it. I also feel pretty bad for Kuriya. She saw Amano as a rival all this time. Even so, witnessing a rival’s death is still like losing someone close to you. Also, I think she knew all along that she really didn’t have a chance with Kikunosuke and knows now that she still doesn’t. The scene in the library made her seem pretty pathetic. She seemed to be trying to look good in front of Kikunosuke, probably in blind desperation. Of course, she fell, so that sure didn’t look good for her. Kikunosuke caught her because he’s nice, as I said last week. He wasn’t going to watch her fall on her butt and laugh. Anyway, I’ve got one real hope for the last episode and that’s Kokuanten development. After her experience in episode 7(?) and her brief scene with Kikunosuke in this episode, I don’t think she should just remain a villain. At least, I’m hoping she’s not as bad as Tomoya. Of course she won’t get together with Kikunosuke, but I don’t want her to have a completely tragic ending. I can’t wait for the finale. Again, no Happy Special this week but it would’ve been out of place.

Sakogami Sadakane While Tomoya taunted, she was just obliviously dancing Amano's acting a bit strangely Shocked by Amano's death

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I would not be surprised if turns out Kokuanten once fought along side Kikunosuke and deeply loved him. However for whatever reason when he started working with Happy 7, they grew apart. And thus she ended up siding with Tomoya.

As for Amano, I don’t believe she’ll stay dead. In fact because of this. I hope they don’t wait to the last second to revive her. Rather instead they should have her fight along side Happy 7. In other words let Lucky 3 be part of the final battles.

Besides they have Kokuanten to deal with who will be much stronger now I bet. Tomoya who has obvious main villain power. Along with that fortress or whatever. So extra help could be a good thing.

Kikunosuke being the hero could battle Tomoya. Lucky 3 could deal with Kokuanten until she’s no longer a threat. Be it she dies or decides to stop fighting them. I personally hope she’ll switch sides or something like that. Obviously Happy 7 can deal with the fortress or whatever it is.

So in short. I am not against Amano being alive in the end and everything turning out all right. In fact I want her to survive. I’m just hoping if they go that route, they’ll let Lucky 3 fight too. I mean even the odds so to speak.

In any case over all this has been a really nice series. So I’m looking forward to episode 13. I only wish it was 26 episodes. Then they could have spent more time on certain aspects of the anime. Heh maybe we’ll get an interrupted Lucky 3 transformation. Sort of like how we got one for Kikunosuke in episode 11.

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