Misuzu is okay now so Yukito asks her what happened. She said that she just got dizzy and tripped. She apologizes for making him worry. Yukito asks her if she needs to go to the hospital, but she says she’s fine now and just needs to rest. Yukito says it’s alright if she misses one day of her supplemental classes. Misuzu asks Yukito about his job and he says he can take off. Yukito looks at Misuzu’s journal, which is full of pictures of and writings about him. Misuzu tells him not to look at it, and Yukito gets a huge sweat drop and asks if she could’ve written about anything else. He tells her to write about what she wants to do rather then what she did and he’ll make everything she writes come true. She says she wants to go to the ocean with him because she’s never been there before. He tells her that they see it all the time, but he’ll take her anyway. Yukito remembers his mother saying that she couldn’t take “that child” to the ocean. Later he tells Misuzu’s mom about what happened and to see her. She says that since she smells like alcohol it will only make her worse and asks Yukito to have sushi with her. He gets annoyed and hits it out of her hand. He then asks her why she took Misuzu in. She replies that she was forced to. Yukito’s mad that she isn’t getting the love she needs. She says that she doesn’t know how to have parent-child relationship because she’s not a real parent and goes back to eating her sushi. Yukito spends the not by the water, watching the stars. He thinks more about the girl. She first dreams of the skies, but the dreams go back in time and eat away at the girl. She feels a pain that shouldn’t be there and gradually forgets everything. After her last dream, the girl dies. Anyone who gets close to her dies as well. When Yukito’s mother met her, she told her to leave, which is why she lived. Before then though, she told her about the flying girl, who’s in a similar situation. (This sounds a lot like Misuzu. Yukito seems to think so too.) The next day, Misuzu’s mother leaves to go on a hot springs tour, leaving Misuzu in Yukito’s hands. Yukito blocks her path and tells her that his mother met a girl with the same condition as Misuzu once and she’ll soon forget both him and her and probably die. She thinks it’s a joke and leaves. Yukito brings Misuzu a drink and tells her that her mother will be gone for a while. Misuzu says she loves her. Then Yukito tells her they’ll go to the ocean. He helps her walk there, as she’s very weak. She has another attack, and apologizes to Yukito. She says they can go to the ocean tomorrow. Back in her room, she tells Yukito her latest dream. This time it was actually a happy one. It was a bright night and she was watching a festival. She then asks him if the person he’s looking for is connected to his dreams, which he doesn’t know. Misuzu tells him that she believes her dreams represent her other self, who’s suffering right now. She thinks that if she dreams then she’ll understand that girl more and possibly be able to save her. She knows her dreams aren’t coincidental because she wanted to make a friend this summer and when she met Yukito they started to occur. She says that she’s feeling better and gets up, but she falls right away and her feet are unable to move. Yukito thinks they should call Hijiri or a hospital, but Misuzu disagrees. She says a doctor won’t be able to heal it because her dreams are doing it to her. She then tells him of another dream where she was traveling in the forest for days. She was okay because she had a precious person by her side. When she starts to say that she’s becoming like the girl in the sky, Yukito yells at her. She says she’s strong and she’ll be alright, so Yukito leaves the room. Suddenly, he has a vision of being attacked by a swordsman and collapses. Misuzu comes to help him but he says that nothing’s wrong. Misuzu doesn’t believe him because of his expression. He convinces her to go back to bed though. When he goes into the bathroom, he notices that he has a scar on his back. He goes back to Misuzu’s room and she’s having some kind of nightmare where she’s getting hurt. When she wakes up she tells Yukito that she’ll get better soon and that she wants him to stay by her side. Yukito asks who else she wants with her, but she says she only wants him. Yukito tells her that he plans on leaving, because if he stays then both of them will die. Misuzu pretends not to mind and says that they had a really good summer. Yukito agrees. As he’s about to leave, Misuzu tells him about a dream where she was locked up in a room all alone. She asks to go with Yukito, but he says that though he doesn’t want to leave he has to distance himself from her so she can recover. She waves goodbye and he tells her to hang in there. She says she will because she’s strong. While waiting for the bus, Yukito dreams about his mother again. She tells him that the doll moves because of something beyond his wish. Inside the doll are wishes that aren’t granted and he has to use it. It has the power of his grandma and great-grandma. When he has the doll he can forget abut the flying girl if he wants, but he’ll inevitably meet her someday. If he puts his heart into the doll he can save her. When she goes into the doll, she vanishes. Yukito wakes up to some little kids poking him. He asks them to teach him how to make his puppet show more amusing. They say that it should do more then walk and be part of a story. He impresses them with a dance he makes it do. He goes back and has the puppet wake up Misuzu. He tries to amuse her with her new tricks, but she falls back to sleep again. He realizes that he was just happy being around her and wants her to laugh by his side again. He somehow goes into the puppet, where he realizes that he wants to relive everything from the start and be with Misuzu forever. Misuzu wakes up and can’t find him. Then the story warps into the past. A girl named Kanna falls from the sky and meets up with this low class guy. It turns out he was ordered to protect her. Holy crud! This episode was loaded with foreshadowing and revelations. Since Misuzu is or is like that girl being discussed (or maybe possibly is her), that could mean both the deaths of Yukito and herself. If that happened, it would be totally insane. It looks like I’m not going to get my happy ending. Also the episode screams that the flying girl and Misuzu’s other self are the same person. Knowing that Misuzu has this condition also basically clears up her klutzyness. It was probably the cause of her constant falling. On another note, I’m starting to really dislike Misuzu’s mother. She’s such an obnoxious person, possibly as bad as Fate’s mom. I mean, I know she doesn’t know how to be a real parent, but she could at least bother to try rather then spending all her time getting drunk and asking to hear Yukito’s “erotic confessions.” By the way, the Misuzu storyline completely blows the Kano and Tohno storylines away. The only problem is, they went from barely any Potato to no Potato at all. More reasons why Air is so depressing. ^_^

The girl in the sky Oops! He should've read the beware of samurai sign before entering Don't let the puppets innocent smile fool you Kanna's a bit ticked off

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