The result of the earthquake from last week’s episode was the emergence of a strange looking spaceship. It’s essential for Tomoya to reach his Nirvana. Amano turns into a ball of light, gets wrapped in bondage, and becomes a part of it. To make things worse, Kokuanten comes to attack. After a brief fight against her, some of the Happy seven are hurt, but Kikunosuke is eventually able to hurt her and knock away one f her swords. Unfortunately for them, she can heal herself. She stops attacking though when she sees Amano. Amano begins to speak to them, though she’s not herself and all her sentences are beginning with “we”. She’s now a part of an alien system who’s been watching them and collecting data. Tomoya arrives in full psychotic mode, hoping for the alien’s mass destruction. Sure enough, in about seven minutes the system is going to destroy everything. The happy seven have got to get Amano out of there. Four minutes have past though, and they still haven’t succeeded. To Tomoya’s surprise, Kokuanten doesn’t like this. Time is running shorter, but Shoujo has a plan. She gives Kikunosuke her energy, though she’s pretty weakened in the process. While Kuon takes care of her, the Happy Seven gives away there power too. Though Tomoya protests, Kokuanten joins in. Kikunosuke now has an aura and is powerful enough to stop the program, freeing Amano. He also gives her his cape to wear so she’s not nude anymore. The program is beamed back up into space. Amano is now alive again. Everyone’s happy and returns to there normal life. Kokuanten and Tomoya have disappeared, but Kokuanten is watching over them. Everyone, including Mimi and Nene, run off together, Still being a klutz though, Amano trips. ^_^

So there you have it. Another series is over. I’ve got some mixed feelings about the ending. It wasn’t at all what I would’ve expected. I really wanted to see more of the Lucky Three, so I was disappointed that they didn’t appear. What we got wasn’t so bad though. I watched the episode twice and picked up more the second time around, so I think that helped with my enjoyment. The best part for me was Kokuanten’s development. I’ve been waiting to see her good side for a while, because I knew she wasn’t all bad. It was nice that she could help out in the end. Tomoya was completely insane, so I didn’t really care what happened to him. One thing I didn’t get though is, are those two dead? Somebody probably picked up more then me and can tell me what happened. It’s nice to see that Amano and Kikunosuke can be together now. I kind of feel bad for the others, though Mahiru would’ve been more content if she was paired up with a fish. Actually, I’d like to see that. As much as I liked Kikunosuke x Amano, my OTP for this series was Mahiru x fish. Too cute! Being serious again, all in all, while the ending could’ve been way better it left me feeling happy. I think that’s the point of the show. It is called Happy Seven after all. Maybe if I’m lucky, they’ll make a second season someday. I’d love to see everyone in action again. One amusing thought I’ve had is the fact that I made fun of this series for being clichéd in the beginning, yet the ending surprised me by being unpredictable. Thank you Happy Seven. While not being the best show this season, you were easily the most fun.

Now enjoy a montage of caps!

Bondage has seemingly become necessary for any anime lately Kokuanten's double sword assault Amano's gotten even creepier then last week Amano eyecatch Kokuanten's decided to turn on her master Psycho shrimp isn't too happy Ready to fire and... Go! Times running out Kikunosuke's gained a golden aura... then he attacks... so Amano's been saved I love your shirt! Things have changed for the better Finally! Watching over the Happy Seven Still a klutz

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My only complaint is I wish the episode was a bit longer. Heck it would have been nice if the series was longer in general. Maybe if it was 26 episodes, they would have more time for Lucky 3. Heck maybe even time for battles more akin to say “Episode 7″ and less akin to say “Episode 3″ for example. Although seeing Tamon jump up like that was cool. Also this would have allowed for episodes to delve deeper into Happy 7. Ah well.

As for Tomoya. Don’t take my word for it because I can’t understand Japanese. I like to assume he’s dead. After all his final scene is lying on the ground. Kokuanten herself is definitely still alive in my view. She just probably still lives in that place where she and Tomoya discussed things. Either way Tomoya deserves to be dead.

Still it was kind of interesting. I was worried that Kokuanten would be killed by Tomoya. Yet it seems Tomoya was the one who got killed by her in a sense. Or at least well knocked out if the jerk isn’t dead. It’s also interesting how for a main villain, Tomoya doesn’t really fight himself. Instead he tries to take advantage of things.

Kokuanten was rather cool in terms of battle power. I mean she simply scowls at Kuriya to make her fall down and then later on she starts to strangle Kiku with her own hair. Way more impressive than just blowing up stuff.

Still now that I’ve seen the final episode. I can say that over all I definitely enjoyed the series. It may not be the best series, but I’m very fond of it and it’s quickly become one of my favorite animes.

Comment by HolyAjora 12.27.05 @ 10:44 pm

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