Breif rundown:
- Isabella argues with his butler Sebastian about what to call each other
-George doesn’t like the color white since it’s to pure so he has everyone dye Isabella’s white flowers blue
-Yukari’s getting ready for the show while angsting over her relationship with George
-A girl named Asou Kaouri comes to town to see the show
-Hiroyuki meets up with Sunami Noriji, manager of his old building and more significant character in one of Ai Yazawa’s other mangas (Gokinjo Monogatari)
-Isabella tells Yukari that when he was in 3rd grade, George made him a dress. Though he was embarrassed at first, once he received feminine beauty, he gained confidence
-Time for the show, so of course the episode ends

Haven’t blogged this in a while. My level of enjoyment for the show hasn’t gone down though, even if this episode was lesser than others. Though I have no hate for him, I’ve never been a huge fan of Isabella. Since a main point of this episode was showing his background, that might’ve bored me a bit. Then again, I’m also sick yet again so maybe I’m less caring at the moment. That also explains my weird style entry. Interestingly enough, George was kind of funny in this episode. I didn’t expect that from him but it was amusing. This episode also shows how close George and Isabella’s relationship is. He knew that Isabella had little confidence as a man, and though he was still only a kid, he was able to find a solution to help put his friend. Poor Yukari has some interesting competition. The sereis is already over in Japan, so I really hope the fansubs speed up. I’d love to see the rest.

I don't like the white flowers either, but I just think they're boring This scene is quite sad, knowing the ending I'm supposed to take note of him, so here's a picture I desire more chibi George

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