George’s father is in town to watch the show and has met up with his mother. Meanwhile, the show’s begun and Yukari is confident because she knows George is waiting for her backstage. However, the results show that Paradise Kiss didn’t win. They came in second place by only five points. Everyone is happy that they got second except Yukari. She feels like her mother, thinking only of winning. Speaking of her mother, Yukari turns down a night with George because she has to go and settle a fight with her mother. She does spend some time with George though and he tells her that it’s his fault they lost. While the others helped him, the dress was his creation. If they did win, only he’d be rewarded. He also tells Yukari about his friend Kaori, after she makes an urgent phone call saying that she’s leaving the country tomorrow. She was a classmate and rival of his who’s studying abroad in London. Later, Yukari goes home and is slapped by her mother, which she dislikes because she’s a model now and her face is all red. George hangs out with Kaori, telling her that. He seemed to be implying that he doesn’t really love Yukari. He doesn’t think anyone exists just to be with him. He liked Yukari because he thought someone with her looks is the perfect girl to have fun with. The next day though, he treats Yukari as he always does.

Really good episode. I’m being reminded of some very interesting events from the manga. Of course I wasn’t pleased with George’s actions this time, because I really like George and Yukari together. I wish he would be more honest with her instead of playing games like he’s been doing. One of the most interesting things in this episode was hearing about the past relationship between George and Kaori. Kaori seems to be everything that George has been trying to make Yukari into. She knows what she wants and goes for it. She planned to study abroad so she did. Still, it seems that Kaori can’t have one thing she wants: George. I personally wonder why she wants George. I mean, she heard George’s views on love first hand. Well, to each their own I guess. I can’t wait for the next episode.

I can definitely see some family resemblance here Mikako isn't as weird as her sister, but that dosn't make her normal Pretty! Lovely. Now we can have two girls angsting over George

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