In part one, Iwasaki-sensei finds out that Asami and Ichimaru aren’t siblings, but she pretends they are to try and get the truth out of Ichimaru. Eventually, Ichimaru forgets his briefcase in a restaurant and Iwasaki-sensei comes to his house to bring it to him. Asami freaks out over a cockroach, so she learns that the two live in the same house and are married. In part two, due to a misunderstanding and his own fears, Ichimaru believes Iwasaki–sensei told the principal about his marriage, he hands in a letter of resignation. Iwasaki-sensei eventually rips it up, telling Ichimaru and Asami that she won’t tell anyone. She’s upset that she can’t be with Ichimaru, but she wants the man she loves to be happy. Asami and Ichimaru go home to celebrate Christmas. They wound up getting eachother the same exact scarf as presents. Then they’re about to finally have sex, but most of the cast comes in to party, so they’ll have to wait.

I’m glad I’m done with this. I admittedly enjoyed it quite a bit because I’m a fan of fluff and of this type of show in general. However, it was from the summer. From the amusing little note at the end, I see the fansubbers didn’t enjoy doing this. I’ll cut them some slack for that, because at least they finished it. About the actual episode, it was pretty good. I find it kinda silly that they didn’t get to have sex, because Asami’s desire to do so was the whole point of the series. Oh well. Iwasaki-sensei’s actions pleased me in this episode. I’m glad that she didn’t tell on Ichimaru, because I personally would’ve been very upset if I was in her situation and don’t know what I’d do. I feel bad that she was both lied to and couldn’t be with the man she loved. Maybe someday she’ll find happiness though. I’d like to read the manga, which I hear goes further then the anime. Maybe they’ll make a second season someday. I wonder what LIME (the fansub group) would say to that. ^_^

Asami's scared of cockroaches I never thought I'd feel bad for her Cute Seriously the best part of the episode

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I did read the first seven chapters of the manga and it’s more perverted than the anime. I still want to know how they got married. It’s the only thing that keeps me watching the series.

Comment by Phoenix512 01.08.06 @ 2:26 pm

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