Suiseiseki goes to get Souseiseki’s body, but this gives Sugintou an opportunity to take Souseseki’s Rosa Mystica. She absorbs it into her body and then begins to attack the other (including Barasuishou) before leaving. Laplace lets Shinku, Hina and Suiseiseki escape. When hey get back, Suiseiseki mourns over her sister, but they’ve also got another problem. Hina is unable to take power from Shinku now, so she doesn’t have much longer to live. Meanwhile, Sugintou goes to give Megu more energy. While Barasuishou says that she still doesn’t have enough, Sugintou is happy for now because Megu thinks the warm light from the ring is beautiful. Getting back to Hina, when Jun finds out about this, he decides to let Hina spend her remaining time with Tomoe. Hina gives Jun an old crayon as a parting gift and then starts to color while Tomoe reminisces. Eventually they decide to play hide and go seek, but Hina is getting weaker. Tomoe starts to cry, so Hina tries to assure her that things will be okay. The whole time she’s struggling to speak and eventually she shuts down for good. The other dolls find out about this and Shinku absorbs Hina’s Roza Mystica. She, Suiseiseki and Canaria are then teleported to Enju’s shop, where Jun is. The learn that Enju’s assistant in really Laplace, Enju is really Father, and Barasuishou is working with both of them.

I’m debating whether this or the Sugintou-centric episode was the best one this season. I really loved this episode for a number of reasons. The focus on my favorite character, Hina, was one of them. I very much suspected that she was going to die, but I had some hope that maybe I was wrong. Unfortunately she’s gone now, and possibly for good. When Jun was in Enju’s shop, Enju said that even if he could fix Souseiseki she’d never be the same. I suppose the same thing applies for Hina. Though she died in a different way, she did lose her Rosa Mystica. I’m going to miss Hina and her adorable antics quite a bit, but at least she had a touching end. She’s matured so much. Another pleasing thing about this episode is that Sugintou is now against Barasuishou. I wasn’t comfortable with them working together, because I’m a supporter of nice Sugintou. She’s very sweet when she’s around Megu, but I’d like for her to be nicer to the other characters as well. AT the moment that doesn’t seem likely, but I’m still hoping. Next week’s episode looks like it’ll be full of fighting. Seeing how the death rate has been lately, I expect at least one casualty in the battle.

Megu is pleased... So Sugintou is happy Hina tells Tomoe that things will be alright Noooo!

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