There’s a conflict going on between the countries Romulus and Remus. Some of the students, especially Miya and Yayoi, are personally affected by this. Also, Erstin knows some things about Arika’s necklace, so she tells them to her. It seems that Arika is the true queen. Meanwhile, Tomoe’s planned her next move against Arika and has sent Miya to do some of the dirty work again. Now some guys have trapped Arika and plan to mess around with her and take photos so she can’t become an Otome.

Maybe this was a bit too short of an entry. I have to find a balance between my two extremes. Anyway, I was somewhat bored by this episode, so I didn’t really feel like going on about the details. There were some interesting concepts here though. It’s pretty obvious that the guys who are attacking Arika were sent by Miya. Darn it, I hate Tomoe! She’s one of the few characters as of late that I can say I truly despise. I may like her a bit more if we learn that she has some other reason for being so cruel to Arika, besides the fact that Shizuru showed some affection to Arika. Arika likes Sergei, so if anyone, Tomoe should be going at Natsuki. I also wonder why Miya does whatever Tomoe wants. Maybe Tomoe has some blackmail on her or possibly Miya has feelings for Tomoe. On the subject of Arika being queen, I bet Nina will actually be the queen. This is the sequel of Mai HiME, the master of plot twists. I won’t believe Arika is queen just yet. I also feel the need to discuss Erstin’s role. She’s one of my favorite characters here, if not my favorite. She’s so kind and can cheer everyone up. For some reason, I bet she’ll eventually be killed off. Optimistic characters like her can actually brighten dark, angsty moods and thus are often killed.

I demand to know why she's  so obedient to Tomoe I sometimes wonder how Haruka could be kept in check without Yukino Tomoe, you suck!

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Nina! But you have a good point. I don’t see Arika becoming queen just yet either. After all, she’s technically a full-fleged Otome given her earlier contract with Mashiro.

But no matter Nina or Arika, I suppose they’d just let Mashiro be queen in the end. That’s if Mai Otome doesn’t end up a twister, of course.

Comment by ZMAng 01.15.06 @ 7:47 pm

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