George and Yukari are together having sex one night when Kaori shows up. She got an email from George saying that he’s not going to pursue fashion design as his main career and tries to get him to change his mind. He’s convinced it’s a bad idea though, because if his father were to die then he might not be able to make enough money to live on. Meanwhile, Arashi gets mad at Miwako for text messaging Hiroyuki and smashes her phone. Eventually, Kaori talks to George’s father, who convinces George to pursue his dreams. Arashi gives Yukari money to pay for her new cell phone. He, Hiroyuki and Miwako decide to spend New Years together. After graduating, the members of ParaKiss split up to do their own things. Yukari is going to do more modeling work. Arashi is going to focus on his band, The Babys. Miwako will help Mikako at Happy Berry. Yukari is deeply upset when George permanently leaves. Miwako thinks that Isabella will be upset to leave his childhood friend as well, but it turns out that he went with George to help him. Ten years later, Yukari is getting married to another man (they don’t say who, but I’ll assume that it’s Hiroyuki like in the manga.) They’re going to America for their honeymoon and got tickets to a Broadway show. George is a costume designer. Though it will be a comedy, Yukari thinks that she’ll cry.

And there we have the ending to Paradise Kiss, which was easily one of the best anime series of recent times. The ending is sickeningly bittersweet, yet very satisfying. In some respects, I hate the fact that George and Isabella wound up together. They’re happy though, but Yukari isn’t. I have a great deal of sympathy for Yukari. Because regardless of what her relationship with George was at first. By this point it was real. She lost the love of her life and instead wound up with another man. I question if she can ever be truly happy like this. I would hope so, but from that last line, I kind of doubt it. Still, at least the ending shows that she got so much stronger. She was able to move on and that’s what George would’ve wanted. After watching this, I read the last few pages of the final manga volume and was surprised just how close they were to the ending of this episode. They even had exact quotes. I really love an anime that stays that faithful to the anime. I admit having some hope that they’d pull an original ending where Yukari and George got together though. Oh well, now I just got depressed twice. ^_^

Miwako temporarily died her hair black Well at least one pairing I like got together Ha! The gay bums are covered in text I like time jumps as long as they're reserved for the very  beginning or end of a series

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