The final battle has begun. Barasuishou goes after Shinku while Sugintou goes for Canaria. Suiseiseki protects Canaria and takes on Sugintou. Meanwhile, Jun goes to Father to try and make him stop this, but Father just ignores him. Sugintou eventually goes after Shinku while Barasuishou tries to take out Canaria. Suiseiseki restrains Barasuishou and creates a large vine so Canaria can escape. Barasuishou breaks free though, so Canaria comes down to help. Barasuishou still manages to trap Suiseiseki in a crystal though and extract her Rosa Mystica. Canaria takes it though and tries her best to protect it. She creates a massive tornado with her violin. Barasuishou knocks her violin away at the cost of her own arm, but is still able to easily kill Canaria and take both her and Suiseseki’s Rosa Mystica. Shinku is really mad and prepares to attack both Barasuishou and Sugintou.

There’s only one more episode to go and still a lot to cover. They made more progress in this week’s episode then I thought possible though, so I’m not going to judge the last episode yet. It looks like the OP has become a reality, as Shinku is the only one of the good dolls left. It was sad to see both Suiseiseki and Canaria go. Considering the recent death rate, I bet the characters will be revived somehow, like in Mai HiME. I hope not because that could really ruin the ending for me. Come on Sugintou! You’ve only got one more week to become Nice Sugintou for good. (Yes, I know she can’t hear me, but I’m desperate here.)

Suiseiseki's still sad The only good character who's not in angst mode Canaria's last minute character development wins her a screencap Take that Sugintou! Now I have more Rosa Mysticas then you.

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