Mamoru meets a girl who turns out to be his childhood friend Yamame, a ninja girl. Yamame and Burumaru spot the evil moe figure dealers, but are caught because Yamame just happened to have an alarm clock in her bag that went off. They’re forced to fight a weirdo named Chin Panji, who uses animal kendo. They lose and Burumaru runs home. Mamoru finds several things in his ear, including a cigar. He then knows who beat up her dog and goes to fight. He finds Chin Panji wearing neko mimi, and controlling Yamame, who’s in a full cat costume. Yamame eventually remembers when Mamoru rescued her from a bear and snaps out of Chin Panji’s control. Mamoru then fights Chin, who’s now dressed as a kangaroo. Chin loses, so he dresses as a bear. Mamoru is terrified, but he screams so loud that he wins.

Yep, I’m definitely picking this one up because it’s quite funny. It’s very Ranma-ish in style, but unfortunately not that funny. Today’s episode was fun. Yamame’s a cool character. Tsubaki’s my current favorite member of Mamoru’s harem, but Yamame’s at least better then Yuna. I don’t dislike Yuna, but she’s a complete baka. Tsubaki didn’t really do much today, but hopefully she’ll get more screen time next week. I also want to learn more about Airi, since today she was just kind of there.

That's really gotta hurt Ninja Yamame No comment May I ask why Tsubaki is taking photos of herself?

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