Arika is hoping Sergey will show up so sure enough, he does. He scares Miya’s creeps away and Nao works on their disposal. Back at the school, it’s learned that Miya took full responsibility for all the things Tomoe had her do and plans to resign. Arika, Nina and Erstin are questioned the next day as to whether she should be kicked out. Nina doesn’t respond. But the other two say that she can stay. However, it seems that she’s already put in a letter of resignation, so that doesn’t matter. Nina and Erstin go to see her off and Arika goes to see Mashiro. She discusses how she likes Sergey even after some of the cruel things he said. Mashiro has been locked up n her room because she’s fallen in love with Takumi and also because she’s not a good queen. Arika and Mashiro decide to compete to see whether Arika can become a Meister first or if Mashiro can become a queen that the people like first. Now it’s time for the finals to begin, and they’re going to be a tournament. It’s also revealed that Sergei is trying to get Arika to be Nagi’s pawn.

That was really good. I’m not sure whether I’m madder at Tomoe or Sergey. Probably Tomoe. I just can’t believe that she doesn’t even care that Miya’s leaving. Even if she has no personal concern for Miya, now it’s unlikely that she’ll be accused for what happened, as the school officials think Miya was responsible. She should at least be grateful for that reason. Sergey’s doing a pretty awful thing now. Not only is his relationship with Arika pedophilic, but he’s working for Nagi and trying to get Arika to their side. I’m sure this will be horrifying to Arika when she finds out. She should seriously realize that it’s wrong to love your friend’s adoptive father and get over Sergey now. Oh, and I feel bad for Mashiro because it’s obvious that Takumi and Akira already have a relationship.

This is just wrong I want to feel bad for Arika, but I just dont Because even purple-haired brats need to angst sometimes Mikoto seems out of place, but is still darned cute

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I assume you watched the raw?

Because Sergay clearly DIDN’T follow Nagi’s orders, and told Arika her mother Rena is a bad person for ruining her kingdom (something he didn’t truly believe), causing Arika to slap him out of anger.

He rejected her, likely because he doesn’t want her to become Nagi’s pawn, and you are MAD at HIM?

Comment by Vallen Chaos Valiant 01.23.06 @ 5:33 pm

I did actually watch it subbed. I know that Sergey did rejct Arika. I just think that because of what he was doing from the beginning, he was wrong. I don’t entirely trust him.

Comment by TL-chan 01.23.06 @ 6:25 pm

Poor Sergey. I’m sure some other people are mad at him for NOT following Nagi’s orders. I mean, the guy is a soldier. It doesn’t matter if he’s ordered to drop an atomic bomb or seduce a 15-year-old, he should follow his orders, right?

Seriously, I can understand not trusting him, but I don’t see why you are mad at him for what he’s done so far. It’s ridiculous to put him in the same league as Tomoe. Tomoe told people to RAPE Arika, while Sergey once risked his life to save her (from the Aswald).

Comment by cclragnarok 01.23.06 @ 9:10 pm

But by rejecting Arika, he is performing High Treason and may cause Nagi to have him executed. Do you think he rejected Arika out of fun?

Comment by Vallen Chaos Valiant 01.23.06 @ 11:13 pm

Okay, okay, I give up. You people are right and I should’ve put more thought into this before judging him. I’ll try not to type entries when I’m in a rush again.

Comment by TL-chan 01.24.06 @ 7:26 am

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