Because I have a boatload of DVDs to watch, I have to slack in other fields, including here. For this week, I’ll be doing something similar to my “Two run-on sentences or less” post. However, this time it’s a bit different. Each entry will get it’s own stupid little post. Rozen Maiden Traumend will probably be exempt from this just because this week’s episode is the last.

Summary: A twin at a circus is abused, so obviously she uses the Jigoku Tsuushin on her sister. Tsugumi meets with Hone-Onna and irks her by calling her “Oba-san.” ^_^

The verdict: Darned Futago! They confuse me to no end because I can’t tell them apart. Thankfully, other things about this episode redeemed it.

Next Week: Wow, looks like it’ll be especially good!

I find it super cool that Tsugumi met one of Ai's associates It's Mina and Nami all over again He's usualy not involved in the torturing Nice on-boat security

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