Shinku and Sugintou start to fight, but Sugintou is more concerned about Meg. Because of this, Barasuishou easily kills her. Barasuishou receives Souseiseki’s Rosa Mystica and Shinku receives Sugintou’s. Shinku then understands why Sugintou was trying so hard to gather all the Rosa Mysticas. She’s ticked off and starts to fight Barasuishou. When she almost makes the kill, Jun and Enju show up. Jun tells Shinku to stop, but she’s too angry about all her friends dying. Barasuishou takes this opportunity to stab Shinku with a crystal, killing her and gaining the remaining Rosa Mysticas. Enju congratulates her for winning, but something’s wrong. It turns out that Enju is not really Rozen. He was Rozen’s apprentice and made these dolls to be better than Rozen’s. Obviously he failed, because Barasuishou is unable to hold all the Rosa Mysticas and crumbles. Shinku and the others are still dead though, so Jun is miserable. He wants to see the real Father, and so Father shows up. Shinku, Canaria, Sugintou and Suiseiseki are returned to life. However, Souseiseki and Hinaichigo are still dead, because they lost their Rosa Mystica’s due to the actual Alice Game. There’s a real Barasuishou out there, and she’s fighting the rabbit. Canaria returns to Micchan and Sugintou returns to Megu. At Jun’s house, Nori and Suiseiseki watch over Souseiseki and Hina. Shinku tells Jun to hurry home because Kun-kun is about to start. They walk through an N-field.

This wasn’t at all what I expected, it was better. Admittedly the thing I wanted most now was for Sugintou to have a happy ending. While technically Megu is still dying, Sugintou does get to stay with her. I’m also pleased that while some characters got revived, not everyone did. I’m not at all a fan of character revivals with no explanation, but the fact that only some returned made it more believable. Of course Hina had to stay with the dead ones, but I can’t have everything. :( There were some things that bothered me about the ending though. The whole last minute plot twist with the fake Barasuishou seemed sort of like a quick excuse to solve everything. I would’ve preferred if it were the real one, because that would’ve made things a whole lot more interesting. This also makes me realize that we really didn’t get to see much of Barasuishou at all. In respects, I kind of feel like I was cheated out of a character that I thought I’d known about. I wonder if the real Barasuishou is so evil and insane. Other bloggers have talked about the possibility of a third season. While I suppose the ending was open enough for one, I don’t think I’d like one. While there’s a chance that it could be really good, there’s also a chance that the creators could be out of ideas and it could be really bad. I son’t know what they would cover now that the Alice Games are seemingly through with (or are they?) but I don’t want it to go down hill from here.

Now why couldn't they have been all nice from the beginning? Bye Bye, Bara The real Barasuishou Very cute

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u kno the pic labelled “the real barasuishou” well her names not barasuishou.. its kirakishou… jus thought id point that out ^.^

Comment by Jenn 01.06.07 @ 11:40 am

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