Summary: Chibi Train and Eve meet with a kid named Jim who’s trying to avenge the death of his and other kids parents, causing Train to remember how the person who trained him killed his parents. With Train and Eve’s help, Jim stops his enemies and Train later turns back after a shower.

The verdict: This was kinda different from in the manga, but perfectly acceptable. It’s nice to hear about the death of Train’s parents, besides the quick thing they showed in episode one. Eve’s reactions regarding Leon were pretty interesting. She’s definitely got a crush on him and I think they’d be quite cute together.

Next Week: Looks cool. The moron black cat impersonator is back.

I know these entries are kind of pathetic. I’ll be back to my normal format soon enough.

Train's not enjoying Kyoko's cosplay show, but I sure am That's what you get for jumping out o a window Yep, this guy's evil Come on Eve! Submit to Leon's adorableness

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