Yuuichi is just fine and things get back to normal until one of Yuuichi’s friends finds out about his porn magazines. Rika catches the two looking through one (called Moeloli ^_-) and casually leaves. When Yuuichi goes to apologize, she’s set a trap in her room so he gets hit with a book and trips over a rope when he walks in the door. Rika’s pretty pissed off. Yuuichi waits on the roof for Rika to come up so he can apologize, but when she does she merely locks him up there. He’s left staring at the half moon (hence the title?) until he gets sick and someone finds him. Later, he speaks to a doctor named Natsume. This guy, it turns out is staying with Rika now. He later gives Yuuichi another porn magazine when he knows Rika is coming up so she can catch him with it. Anyway, he eventually gets a nice kick from Akiko for messing with Yuuichi and Rika’s relationship for the fun of it. Rika later comes up again and starts casually speaking about the weather. Yuuichi eventually joins in the conversation but they start another fight (some of which is muted out) and Rika throws her father’s book at Yuuichi. However, it winds up falling onto a ledge below them.

You would not believe the difficulty I had acquiring this episode. I put the raw up for download on Friday and it didn’t finish until yesterday, after the sub was out. I figured that I’d watch the sub since it was well… there. However, now it’s Sunday and that still hasn’t finished. Therefore, I just watched the raw. I make my life far more difficult than it already is. -_-; Now anyway, Natsume got me really mad here. Seeing the ED and the preview though, I have some beliefs that maybe he’s more than he seems. Either way, he was still mean and I was very happy when Akiko kicked him. It’s rather sad to see Rika hating Yuuichi now. Hopefully next week she’ll get over it because it looks like Yuuichi’s going to go through the trouble of getting the book. Wow, there’s only four episodes left of this. How are they going to make this all work? I know it’s a simple story, but 6 episodes is pretty short for a series. I question just how this is going to turn out.

Maybe you shouldn't read things like that when you have a girlfirend Gotta love Rika's security system Thank you! Anime gives me this expression a lot

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