Airi tells Yuuna and Mamoru about a contest, which Yuuna decides to enter. Tsubaki and Yamame (in a very poor disguise) are participating to. Tsubaki is up first and she makes a fool out of herself due to miscommunications and almost commits ritual suicide. Yamame then does a dance with kage buushin. Yuuna’s up next and sings a song called “Banana Banana.” Later, the producer takes Yuuna aside, hoping that she’ll have sex with him, but she thinks he’s just giving her a bed to sleep in. Mamoru goes after the guy anyway. Because of Yuuna’s successful act, she’s given the opportunity to become an idol. Mamoru is upset about this, but because Yuuna’s not abe to socialize with Mamoru and because she’d rather be a normal student, she turns down the offer and shows up at school the next day.

This was probably the best episode so far. It had a lot of the silliness of previous episodes (the part with Tsubaki particularly made me laugh) but it also had some serious bits here. It’s near obvious that Mamoru is going to wind up with Yuuna and this episode gave a bit of development for the pairing. Also, we finally got to see Yuuna use her brain. I’m surprised that she has one, but it is a good thing. At least we know she’s not entirely useless. Her banana song made me realize something I probably should’ve seen earlier. She’s quite similar to Miharu from Girls Bravo. They’re both pink haired and clueless yet cute. Plus they both like bananas. I think I like Yuuna a lot more than I used to now.

Tsubaki is such an awesome tsundere Don't ask me how she did that Yuuna puts on a... unique performance Posted just because I love Yamame's expression

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