Arisu and Kiraha beat the latest Alice historian. A blonde-haired girl witnessed the fight. Afterwards, she says “Takion.” It turns out that this girl is named Delia. She keeps having Aruto over to talk with and is now referring to him as Takion. Meanwhile, Aruto is becoming zombie-like. Kirika sees Delia and Aruto together one day and investigates. She learns that Delia is taking Aruto into Melway Space. Arisu and Kiraha don’t yet know this and are of course jealous, especially Kiraha. Kirika shows them what’s going on and they go in to stop Delia. During the fight, she reveals that Takion was her former lover who left her and never returned. Now she’s using Aruto as a replacement, getting enjoyment out of talking to him everyday. They still have to beat her though. Kirika finishes Delia off. Aruto promises to keep her story and Delia kisses him while disappearing.

A bit of a pointless episode, but still enjoyable. There seemed to be some interesting symbolism going on in the alternate segments with the loli-twins and co., but unfortunately I never have a clue wha’ts going on there. If anyone can actually make sense out of those parts, please explain to me. My biggest complaint about this episode (as to be expected) is that my favorite character wasn’t there again. Kisa needs more screentime. I didn’t see her on the preview either, which saddens me. However, it does look like Arisu is going to face the loli twins, so that should be an interesting twist. Also, I question who comes up with the episode titles for the show. I swear they get stupider each week. Next weeks episode is called “A pig.” Huh?

Another short-lived, cool looking character design The loli-twins present: Confusing Rose Symbolism Aruto's gotten so attractive lately Cool transformation scene, Kirika!

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The titles are based off the chapter names of Through the Looking Glass. Chapter 6 is “Pig and Pepper.” Chapter 5 was “Advice from a Caterpiller.” Chapter 4 was “A Caucus Race and A Long Tale.” Etc etc.

Comment by AC 02.01.06 @ 10:17 pm

Sorry, Alice in Wonderland, not Through the Looking Glass.

Comment by AC 02.01.06 @ 10:17 pm

In Omni’s blog entry for episode 2 , it was highlighted that the titles are based on the name of each chapter in Alice in Wonderland(chapter names can be found here,’s_Adventures_in_Wonderland)

Comment by Maiku 02.01.06 @ 11:26 pm

Ah, thanks a lot! Now it makes more sense.

Comment by TL-chan 02.02.06 @ 6:34 am

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