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In the commotion, Arika goes off to find Mashiro, who she’s supposed to protect. She eventually does but they, Aoi and Erstin get separated from everyone else. To make things worse for the otome fighting Smith at the school, Midori shows up as well. Youko tries to get Midori to stop (and Reito, who turns out to not really be Reito), and they eventually retreat. Meanwhile, Sergey finds Arika and co. and brings them back. There they meet up with Smith, who has an unpleasant surprise for them: Erstin. Erstin’s family always served them so Erstin has to fight Arika. While she spends the entire time apologizing, she summons a slave to fight Arika. Back to Natsuki and Shizuru, they’re still being attacked but they decide to split up. Natsuki meets up with Nao, who instead of fighting is sneaking around. Shizuru is forced to surrender because Tomoe and Irina are in danger. Back to the main part, Sergey protects Arika but his handkerchief from Arika goes flying. Nina is shocked to see this and even more shocked when Sergey says that Arika’s the true princess. This leads her to have Nagi activate her robe. Nina kills Erstin’s slave, which makes Erstin disappear, similarly to how the most precious people died in HiME. Arika, furious, neglects Erstin’s desires and goes to attack Nina. Nina jumps after Arika as well.

Simply the best episode yet! I had my doubts that this could top some of the previous events, but there were so many twists this week. Erstin’s death was a big one. I did predict her death and all, but it still surprised me. (Yeah, I know I’m pathetic.) I didn’t, however, predict that she would turn against Arika. While she didn’t really want to fight, she still did. It’s amazing what twists this show can pull. I wonder what will become of Nina now. It seems she’ll stay enemies with Arika, but will she be against the others at the school? As furious as she is now, I’d have a hard time seeing her turn against Sergey. Speaking of Sergey, I’ve fully forgiven him. By now, I think his alliances are pretty clear and he only seems to have Arika’s best interests in mind. As a random thought, I hope they change the ending theme to something darker. It always turns me off when a suspenseful ending is followed by a cheery ending theme.

For those of you who hate Tomoe, which is most of you Natsuki's transformation scene Erstin's got quite a surprising secret A traditional Mai HiME death

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I doubt the ending will be like Mai Hime’s because there are no “childs” that can die. It is just the person themself. Erstin’s death made me so sad, why did she have to die =*( she was the coolest character in the series !@#$%^. What i didnt like what how they made her eyes all watery in the few seconds before she died. Too overdramatic

Comment by Aznhobo 02.13.06 @ 11:30 pm

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