At a restaurant, Sven is tormented by his old waiter friend. He returns the favor by accidentally spitting coffee in her face. The reason for this was that he saw a wanted poster for $3,000,000,000. Upon further investigation, he sees the name on the poster is Creed Diskenth. On top of this is a job offering for a sweeper alliance to fight the apostles of the stars. Sven tries to hide the posters from Train, but luckily he’s distracted when Black Cat impersonator (nope, I still haven’t bothered to learn his name) shows up. Train and Eve go with him to meet his wife. His wife’s pet dragon(?), Flora, is missing and she’s really worried over it. There’ll be a reward, so they of course head out to look. The first thing they learn is that Flora has a very bad reputation in this city. The horrified residents all run at the sound of her name and the city goes into lockdown. Rins happens to be in the city and gets trampled by the hordes of people. Train and co. find her and she joins them on their adventure. Meanwhile, Sven goes to the place where the job interview is being held. Back with Train, the group goes searching in a sewer where they meet up with a muscular, tough guy who’s really a coward. Eventually they find Flora, who’s gotten oh-so-much bigger. They chase it to where Sven is and some of the creepy people there stop it. Impersonator’s wife later hands out a reward, which is heavily fought over. Sven tries to get Train away before he hears anything about Creed but it’s too late. The man offering the job reveals that he’s a member of the Apostles of the Stars. That night, Eve notices Train is gone and tells Sven. Train is indeed gone and he’s seen riding on the back of a train. ^_^

Ah, a traditional case of the negative repercussions of keeping dangerous pets. Well… maybe that wasn’t the point of the episode, but it’s true that you shouldn’t keep dragons/dinosaurs/whatever Flora was supposed to be as pets. Ultimately I found this episode kind of pointless, but there were a lot of fun things going on. The funniest for me was seeing Train riding on a train. It was also amusing to see the plight of Rins this week. First she got caught in a stampede and then had to get caught up in this mess with the various freaks involved today. Poor girl. I have no idea what’s going to occur next week because the preview was stupid. I’d like to get back to the serious stuff, but I do understand that this is 52 episodes and so fillers are inevitable.

Creed made the wanted posters Even uglier and stupider than her husband My, how you've grown Rins has quite a lot of trouble on her hands... literally

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Whatever happened to the “Train becomes a boy permanently and has to seek help from the tamago-yaki nano-machine lady?” plotline…?

Comment by Eleutheria 02.05.06 @ 1:24 am

Basically, it’s because the anime staff didn’t want it for some reason. I’ve never been a big fan of Studio Gonzo’s directing. They’ve changed a lot of storylines from the manga.

Comment by TL-chan 02.05.06 @ 10:50 am

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