Arisu is pulled into a mirror, which leads to the inside of her story in Mellowbay Space. Aruto tries to help her but gets sucked in too. Meanwhile, Kiraha, Kisa and Kirika try to find them and go through a different mirror where they’re attacked by drawings of various animals. They meet the loli-twin in pink, holding a crayon and realize that she’s responsible for this. Meanwhile, the loli-twin in blue traps Aruto in a cage of vines. Arisu tries to save him but her key gets trapped as well. The twin reveals herself eventually and Arisu frees her key to fight, but can’t hurt blue twin. Blue twin tells her to give Aruto a kiss from the heart to free him before disappearing. Things get awkward, but they eventually kiss and nothing happens. Arisu wants to try again, and this time they’re freed and sent to another room. Back with the other three, Kirika finds animal crackers and realizes that eating them makes the animals disappear. Once they’ve stopped the animals, they can escape. Happy to see her brother again, Kiraha runs up and hugs Aruto. She seems to notice that Arisu is jealous. The main matter of importance though is that there’s a picture in the room of Takion. The librarian shows up and introduces them to Takion himself, the Alice Master. They also meet the twins again. The blue dressed one says that she’s Arisu (two of them?) and the pink says that she’s Arisho. Later, Kiraha is reading one of her brother’s books and sees an illustration of the cage kiss scene.

Some very interesting stuff happened this week. Both worlds have now met and there’s also been some development for the Aruto/Arisu relationship. The kiss scene was cute and I’m pleased to see that their relationship is getting somewhere. I kind of feel bad for Kiraha though. She doesn’t really have a fair chance of getting with Aruto now that Arisu is around. It annoys me though that she doesn’t even notice how devoted Kisa is to her. The scene with Kisa trying to protect Kiraha was pretty funny. Next week’s episode looks like it could have some developments to their relationship though, so I still have hope that Kisa-chan will be happy. I also wonder about the name Arisu being used twice. Hopefully I misheard it, or that could be confusing. Either that or there will be some kind of connection between the two Arisus. Also, I definitely missed some stuff that Takion told Aruto, so I may update this post once I find out.

This vicious lion drawing is cute... and Kisa's actions in this scene were cute... And transformed Kirika being too short to reach the cookie jar is cute... and Arisu and Aruto's relationship can be super cute

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