Train has a dream about Saya and when he wakes up he sees a girl who looks identical to Saya. She even knows Saya’s song. This girl’s actually named Saki though, and she’s clearly up to no good. Aside from the fact that she keeps drugging Train, causing him to have more dreams about Saya, Train also finds that Saki has quite a lot of weapons. Train gets pretty mad at her for pretending this is all normal, so he willingly lets Saki go out and nearly get herself killed by these robotic beasts she’s fighting. Train, however, goes to save her eventually. She eventually reveals a child to him, who was ill-fated. All of Saki’s companions were killed and so this child’s life is in jeopardy. Train won’t take the child from her. Soon, Train sees Saya again, who says that his companions are waiting for him. It turns out to be another dream, and he wakes up after being punched by Sven. Everyone’s there, waiting for him, so it’s time to go off. There seems to be car trouble though.

Really weird stuff this week. Quite honestly, I don’t like Saki too much. Maybe it’s because she’s just not Saya. They may look alike, but Saki was kind of cruel. I felt bad for Train for being put through all this, having constant memories of Saya’s death. The episode was highly interesting, but I just have mixed feelings about the character it focused on. Anyway, Train’s back with the others now so the storyline can continue next week. The preview was as vague as usual, so I can’t say much about what will happen. As a random thought, I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but Saki’s name is made out of the first and last characters used to write Saya Minatsuki. Kind of amusing.

Saya sure gets a lot of screen time for a dead person Check out my biceps of steel It was hysterical to see her screaming Gao, Gao! Obligatory sexy Train shot

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What the…o.o

Her outfit reminds me of the main girl in Yamato Gensouki. Too bad her personality doesn’t.

Comment by topleka 02.10.06 @ 5:07 pm

I had such high hopes for Black Cat up to maybe 14. Gonzo had essentially re-directed the series keeping the original facts intact, thereby greatly improving on the original material.

I suspect this introduction of original material will turn it into the expected Gonzo train wreck, as all my friends have been assuring me that it would from ep. 1.

Comment by Eleutheria 02.11.06 @ 10:28 pm


I still have my hopes up that we’ll soon get back to the main plot, but after two pointless episodes in a row I’m quite annoyed.

Comment by TL-chan 02.12.06 @ 11:46 am

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