Mashiro is currently hiding with the pickpocket Mimi and other poor people. Meanwhile, Natsuki wakes up with Nao and Yamada. She orders Nao to tell her what happened, but Nao doesn’t know. Yamada then offers her a snake to eat, which freaks her out. However, he can tell Natsuki what happened. Nagi’s taken over Garderobe. Miyu soon shows up and attacks them, hoping to find information on where Arika is. Back in Garderobe, Nina is taking care of Sergey and attacking especially nice, as if nothing happened. Sergey gets frustrated about this. We next see Smith, who’s trying to use the Harmonium. He has one part of the element from Erstin, but Nagi tells him that he still needs Mashiro and Arika’s parts. Mimi, meanwhile, is helping Mashiro who collapses from being thirsty. After they stop walking for a while, She says that she dislikes the queen for having the government take over her father’s shop. Mashiro feels resent for this. Mimi offers her some soup, which she takes. Their conversation ends when Aoi is being threatened to die if she doesn’t tell the refugees where the queen is. Aoi, instead, commits suicide by walking off the cliff. Mashiro is upset about this and runs off, eventually collapsing again. She thinks about when she and Arika started their little competition. Arika is then seen with Mikoto, cheerfully helping some lady carry water.

Alright then, I’m not especially in love with anything that happened here. The most interesting thing to me was finding out that the pickpocket was a girl. From the first episode Mimi was in, I don’t believe she had any lines, nor did we hear her name, so I guess it’s a possible mistake. Still… weird! The scene with Natsuki and the snake was pretty funny. I wonder if she ever did eat it. As for Aoi’s death, it seemed kind of pointless to me. It was a twist that I wasn’t expecting, I’ll give them that. It’s just that I never particularly cared for Aoi, so I wasn’t fazed by it. I’m sure this had quite an emotional impact on Mashiro though, who did care about Aoi and now had to witness her death. I’m sure when/if Chie finds out, she won’t be happy about it either. I’m interested to see next weeks episode, because I was wondering what would become of Shizuru and Tomoe.

I thought the snake was cute Nina's great at puttng up acts Mashiro is hiding with the poor refugees Bye Aoi

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