Hotaru, the new girl in Mamoru’s class is more then the shy girl with a bad hair0cut that she seems to be on the surface. She’s confessed to Mamoru, managing to get Yuuna jealous and leaving her to spend the majority of the episode angsting in her room, rather then making a fool out of herself/entertaining viewers with her lack of brain. Not only that, but Hotaru is a ninja. It turns out that she’s against the Kagemori clan. Her brother shows up to fight Mamoru. Mamoru gets hurt by a sneak attack, but he later defeats Hotaru’s brother with one blow. Hotaru explains that the Kumogakare clan lost a race because Yamame tricked her by pointing out a fake UFO. It had some negative effects on he family afterwards. Hotaru then disappears with her brother. Mamoru is temporarily upset that she’s gone, but she shows up at his house the next day.

Um… weird. I liked this episode a lot though. It still had some of the ridiculous comedy, but there were some serious moments to it. Namely, Yuuna’s angst. Despite her being immensely stupid, she’s really the only character that gets development. This is the second time that her love for Mamoru has been shown (the first being when she gave up a chance at stardom to be with him.) This side of her is interesting and makes me like her more then I would if she was nothing but the brainless girl she seems to be on the surface. Tsubaki’s still number one on my list though, and it was funny to see her reaction when Yamame mentioned her crush on Mamoru. It looks like we’ll get some more background on Yuuna next time. She’s so cute as a chibi.

She's cute, but I don't like the hair at all Okay, now everybody freak out Tsubaki in denial Cheater

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