Kiraha’s been out of it, due to last week’s kiss between Aruto and Arisu. Because Kiraha is sad, Kisa is too. She takes Kiraha out and gets her favorite ice cream, though after seeing Aruto and Arisu come back from a date, Kiraha gets angry and drops it. Soon, the three Alice Historians fight a new enemy historian. They’re actually defeated this time. Both Kiraha and Kisa are angsty afterwards. Aruto gets a phone call and is freaked to hear nothing but deep breathing. The person eventually speaks, using “desu no” so he figures out that it’s Kisa. Kisa denies it though. ^_^ Later, Kisa goes out to a diner with Arisu, who wants to know what’s wrong with Kisa. Kisa struggles to tell her that she’s been like this because of Kiraha. Kiraha likes Aruto but is jealous of Arisu. This makes Kisa mad at Arisu as well. Kisa leaves and sits out in the rain, but eventually gets sick. Arisu finds her laying in the street. Kiraha goes to see Kisa and is resentful for what she put Kisa through. When Kisa is feeling better, she goes to a pool with Kiraha. The two make up there and have some fun. Then they fight that enemy historian again. Kisa easily wins, but the two leave when Arisu and Aruto show up, so they’re left to finish the job I suppose. Kiraha is still mad at Aruto and steps on his foot before going. Later, Kisa cheerfully observes her newest addition to her Kiraha collection, her swimsuit.

That was pretty pointless, but I loved every minute of it. They should really just make Kisa the star of the show. The highlights this week would be the Aruto/Kisa phone scene and Kisa marveling over Kiraha’s bathing suit. Despite the pointlessness this week, there was a (tiny) bit of character development. Arisu’s feelings for Aruto were reinforced a bit. Plus, there were some slight developments to the Kisa/Kiraha ship. I’m looking forward to next week though. Kiraha seems to be in trouble. Random thought: this week’s enemy was extremely ugly!

Kiraha's not too happy about this Poor Kisa It's nice to see them happy... for the moment

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