Train surprises everyone by aiming his gun at Grin. However, Grin reveals to Train’s group and the other members of the sweeper alliance that he’s actually Chronos number 10, Lin Xiao Li. The alliance is pretty mad about this. Meanwhile, Doctor is receiving orders from Shiki and pumping nano-machines into Creed. Later, Train goes off to speak with Lin. Sven, Rins and Eve go off on their own. River is annoyed and is going to go with them. They meet this little girl, carrying a treasure (a jar of seashells) who’s being bothered by a fisherman. River saves him and the girl comes with them. He’s curious about her parents being worried, but the girl says she’s fine. She leads them to an old boat. Train discusses various things with Lin and eventually winds up getting into a fight with him. They’re distracted though when beasts start to ravage the city. Everyone takes part in fighting them. The little girl tells River that the ghosts of her parents are on the boat. Eventually, the city is saved. The alliance forgives Lin. The little girl gives River one of her seashells as an offering from her parents. Then it’s time for everyone to leave, though they leave Black Cat Impersonator behind (hooray!). Rins also has her own business to take care of so she leaves for now. Echinda phases through the boat’s roof though, drops a bomb, and leaves. Doctor seems pretty satisfied about this. Creed then wakes up.

Thank you for a decent episode! The plot is back at last. Some of the storyline this week was lame, but there were some really great action scenes. I’m pleased by River’s amount of screen time today, because I’m growing to like him. My favorite part would have to be Doctor’s lengthy psychotic laugh though. It was just so amusing. Echinda was interesting this week. I wonder if she’s got a thing for Creed. Either way, her revenge certainly wasn’t expected. The scene where everybody got blown up was cool, but it wasn’t much of a cliffhanger, because it’s dead obvious that Train, Sven and Eve will be fine (even without the next episode preview) and I could care less whether the sweeper alliance dies. Actually, I kind of hope some of them do because they’re boring. The only one I’d be worried about is River, but we saw him on the preview and he’s perfectly fine. Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode for the Eve vs. Leon battle.

Grin's real identity, Lin Xiao Li All buff men need lolis Inverted Echinda is cool Kowai!

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