Some Aswad save Mashiro. They take her to Arika and Mikoto. They’re now staying with Midori and Rad/Reito. Meanwhile, Nao and Natsuki are trying to make their way back and Nao suggests that Natsuki hitchhike. It turns out they picked the wrong vehicle and they get arrested. Tomoe watches Shizuru in her cell and is actually resentful for getting her locked up. Irina unsuccessfully tries to get information on Erstin from Nina, who’s now being a very loyal pawn to Nagi. Chie seems to be a bit angsty that everyone’s gone. Shiho has Yayoi and Lillie helping her do that Maki-Maki thing. Back with Arika, she talks with Midori and Rad/Reito. They explain that Aswald and Schwarz were responsible for the attacks years ago. Rena fought and died there but Smith took her body to use to power Otomes like Fumi’s body is used for now. They also state that many people got sick after the wars. Rad/Reito was one of the people who got a whole new body but Mashiro kept hers. Her rem allows this, but it also keeps her 17 forever. She’s been trying to steal Garderobe’s technology because she doesn’t know how long it’ll last. She wants Arika and Mashiro’s help. Arika, remembering Erstin, no longer wants to be an Otome. She runs off, but Mashiro and Mikoto catch up and stop her. Mikoto freaks out though, because a Jabal shows up. It swallows Arika and Mashiro whole.

Despite the absurd ending, this was a pretty good episode. A lot was revealed here. It’s now known why Midori and Reito are now against Garderobe. It’s because Midori needs there stuff to survive. I suppose the reason why they won’t just give it to her nicely is because her people attacked them. Another interesting thing here was Tomoe not being completely obnoxious. I’m glad she has resent, however I think that if this was anyone other than Shizuru locked up she wouldn’t care at all. Also, I was surprised to hear Arika call Rena her mother. I guess that it’s true that their related since Arika’s supposedly the queen. It just struck me as interesting. Next week’s episode should be interesting indeed (though not necessarily good). Arika and Mashiro will have to escape the innards of Majin Buu… I mean the Jabal. There’s also going to be a new character.

Shizuru's imprisoned thanks to Tomoe How cute! Midori's not really a bad guy It's rare to see fanservice for girls in a show like this

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My gut instinct on seeing the creature swallow them was that now they would slowly digest for a thousand years in the bowels of…THE ALMIGHTY SAARLAAC!

Comment by John Biles 02.17.06 @ 6:14 pm

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