While Mamoru and Yuuna are trying to study, Airi is looking through old photo albums and distracting them. Meanwhile, Hotaru has come to bring a bento to Mamoru but is intercepted by Yamame, who gets into a fight with her. Tsubaki eventually shows up, also with a bento. The three girls join in and with lots of food, it’s time for a lunch break. Still looking through photos, Airi questions if Mamoru stalked Yuuna when she was little. Yuuna says that’s not true. Their fathers were close and so she was always with Mamoru since she was little. Mamoru then has a flashback. One day before school, he’s told by his mom to protect Yuuna. In school, Yuuna forgot her homework, so Mamoru is forced to go get it. He gets in trouble for being late though and has to stand outside. Yuuna tells the teacher that she forgot her homework but is surprised to find it on her desk. Later, in gym class, the kids are all out playing dodgeball and Mamoru is forced to protect Yuuna from being hit in the head. He winds up bleeding, which Yuuna is resentful for. Mamoru has detention and has to clean some room and Yuuna decides to help, causing a statue to break. Mamoru gets in even more trouble for this and runs off, angry at Yuuna. Later, he sees the police at Yuuna’s house and finds out that she’s missing. He and Burumaru fight off a vicious dog, thinking that it may be after Yuuna, but the person it was attacking was Yuuna’s friend Ami. She gives Mamoru a present from Yuuna, which turns out to be a Burumaru plushie(to go with the Mamoru plushie she made him in the past.) Ami also informs him that he has to save Yuuna, who got taken away in a sports car. Mamoru goes looking and after having a bit of self doubt eventually realizes his duty and finds Yuuna. Of course he’s not yet strong enough to fight her captors and so his parents help him out. Back in the present is a mass amount of fighting between the girls with poor Mamoru and Yuuna caught in the middle of it.

Eep! I wrote entirely too much. However, I just loved this episode. It was totally cute to see how things haven’t changed a bit. Yuuna gets herself into endless amounts of trouble and Mamoru has to bail her out. It was interesting to see Mamoru really frustrated at Yuuna though. She’s obviously not an easy person to deal with. The fact that Mamoru could deal with her though, regardless of how much trouble she caused for him, makes me change my perspective on some things here. I didn’t care too much for the Mamoru/Yuuna pairing until now. The thing is, because Yuuna is such a moron, I really didn’t want to make Mamoru’s life an endless torture. However, it seems to me that Mamoru really does care about her no matter how stupid a move she pulls. It’s already been obvious that Yuuna cares a lot about Mamoru. I suppose I’ve just been way too hard on Yuuna. To credit her, she always does try her best to please Mamoru. It isn’t really her fault that she fails at that. It’s the writer’s fault. ^_^ Also, while she may not be a genius she’s certainly does have her talents. She’s a good singer and she makes adorable plushies. They should really release a Mamoru plushie, because I’d buy it if the price was reasonable. Next week is an Airi episode, which is good because she’s the character whom we know least about.

Chibi Yuuna is the hope of her dodgeball team Yuuna regrets causing Mamoru to get hurt I want one! Mamoru's present life is screwed up too

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