Kiraha has a dream about being in a relationship with Aruto. An Alice historian, Asuka, overhears her afterwards. One day she decides to take an alternate route to speak with Kiraha in private. She says that there’s nothing strange about Kiraha’s feelings for Aruto and gives her some advice. Later, everyone called to face an Alice Historian named Rika. Seeing Aruto, she becomes furious because he’s a man. The group begins to fight her, but Rika is defeated by Asuka. Her story is revealed in part. Her hatred for men had something to do with her father. Asuka is pleased to hear her ugly, painful story. Arisu gets annoyed and tries to confort Rika, asking for her story. Aruto is prepared to write it, but Rika says she doesn’t want that and vanishes. When they leave, Aruto says this is his fault, but Arisu says it was hers too and Kiraha’s. She yells at Kiraha, who runs off. She goes to Asuka to give her story. Arisu goes to save her, but Kiraha tells her to stop, saying that she’s doing this willingly and she doesn’t need her help. The others fight Asuka though. Eventually, Kiraha confesses her love to Aruto. Aruto protects her, but gets hurt doing so. Asuka is able to leave. Later, Aruto tells Kiraha that he doesn’t share her feelings but Kiraha is more important to him than anyone.

That was interesting. It was always pretty clear that Kiraha was destined to have a sad ending, since Aruto doesn’t share her feelings, but I still sympathize with her. Arisu was a bit meaner than necessary in this episode, so that didn’t help. She did, however, try to save Kiraha afterwards at least. Now that Aruto’s told Kiraha that he doesn’t have feelings for her, I hope she’ll be able to get over it, though that doesn’t seem too likely from the preview. I’m looking forward to next week’s, because one of the cuter looking Alice Historians will appear. I’m sure she’ll be short lived though, because all the best designed ones are. Asuka, who’s just super creepy, is still alive and well. I expect we’ll be seeing her again. Hopefully the next time she’ll get beaten though. I’m rooting for more Kisa screen time next week too. She wasn’t in much this episode, but it looked as if she hit some of the high points of her life during her sleepover with Kiraha. ^_^

Thankfully just a dream How dare Kirika eat a present from Kiraha?! Well Rika certainly thinks highly of men A random Kiraha angst shot seems necessary

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