Midori decides to forget about Arika and Mashiro for now. Meanwhile, Nina gets annoyed at Sergey for treating her like a kid. She then has a flashback about when Sergey first met her and received his scar. She wants more affection from him. Inside the Jabal, Arika states that everything is her fault. Mashiro says that she blames herself for Aoi’s death but now has the will to live. Mahiro tries to force Arika to use her powers but is unsuccessful. Then, the Jabal starts to digest… by filling with lava?! Oddness aside, They’ve got to escape. Mashiro tells Arika to fly, which surprises her, but she jumps over to Mashiro, who tries to pull her up. Mashiro activates Arika’s power and they escape. They’re temporarily happy until they see smoke. They learn that an Otome is attacking Aswald. The attacker turns out to be Fia, who’s following her master’s orders. Arika tells Mashiro to save the people and the two do that, though Mashiro’s not particularly sure what to do at first. Midori helps too and also tries to help with Arika’s conflict. Back at the school. Tomoe and some girls sign up to be Artai Otome. They go to rescue Shizuru and Tomoe takes her home to have sex with. Nagi take’s Nina to see the Harmonium and they summon the Mikoto shadow.

Every week I think from the previews that the episode will probably be terrible and every week I wind up loving it. This one was a particularly interesting episode plus it was an easy one to understand with my pathetic Japanese. It was nice to get some background on Nina and Sergey. One particular thing about that flashback interested me. One of the three other kids really resembled Midori and the boy could’ve easily been Reito. I wonder if that’s so, but it’s probably just a coincidence due to similar character designs. My next question has to do with Natsuki. She was seen walking by during the interesting little scene with Tomoe and Shizuru. I wonder if she saw it. If she did, that would make things even more interesting. The fact that Shizuru didn’t try and stop Tomoe makes me wonder just how strong her relationship with Natsuki is in this series. Then again, since Shizuru is a lesbian stalker, it’s probably natural that she would be pleased with Tomoe’s interest in her. I want my answers here! Next, that Mikoto shadow thing is back again. I’d really want to know what it does and what connection it has with the Mikoto cat, if any. Aren’t’ my Mai Otome post’s so wonderful. -_-;They’re basically… nothing but questions!

Pre-scar Sergey I love angst... But I also I love those brief moments of happiness Oh my gosh! What the heck?!

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Natsuki couldn’t have seen anything, since she’s in Aries while Shizuru is at Windbloom/Garderobe. However, I think that was supposed to be either Shizuru thinking of Natsuki or possibly Natsuki’s ’someone’s kissing my woman’ senses tingling.

Comment by John Biles 02.24.06 @ 2:14 pm

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