Everyone survived the explosion, but they’re not safe yet. They’ve been separated and many members of the Apostles of the Stars are attacking. Some are already being handled by several Chronos numbers. Train’s group and Sven’s group each take on their share of enemies while Eve is faced with Leon. She tries to convince him that he should be with his old friends and not a member of the apostles of the stars. She’s eventually able to defeat him. Leon explains that he joined the Apostles because he needed the power. He finds it kind of strange that Eve is trying to help him, but she says it’s because she’s Rera’s friend. Sven finds Eve and before they leave, Leon warns them about Creed. Soon they’re both reunited with Train. Sephiria goes to fight Creed.

I know, this was pathetically short. That’s because it’s pretty difficult to write about an episode that was almost entirely fighting. That’s not to say I disliked the episode though. While I’m not a fan of fighting shows, I don’t mind the occasional huge scale brawl if it’s well done like this. As expected, the Eve vs. Leon part was the best. It was particularly amusing when Eve became a mermaid. Leon’s expression was priceless. Mermaid Eve kicks butt too. Since I’m a Leon fan, I’m very pleased that he was prominent this week. While I’m personally a bit annoyed at him for abandoning his friends, I do feel bad for him having to work for Creed. I think he’d be a lot happier if he returned and so would the other kids back at his home town. It was cool to see Sephiria in action again this week. Next week she’ll be fighting Creed so we’ll be seeing a lot of action from her. It doesn’t look like she’s doing to well from the preview though.

Eve's powers always come in handy, plus they look cool Leon kawaii yo Leon! XD Aww... he's crying Sephiria's ready for action

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