Well I’m back, at least for a few days. Obviously, I’m not going to blog everything I missed. For excellent summaries/reviews, check out some other blogs. I’m doing Kagihime just because it’s awesome and gets little coverage. I’ll probably do Black Cat too, depending on how much I like the episode. I also think I’ll do Kage Kara Mamoru. Anyway, here’s a quickie entry.

Wow, Kirika had one screwed up childhood. Her parents died, everyone ignored her, and she grew up believing that her closest friend Lorina was burned to death. It turns out that people found Lorina and she didn’t die when Asuka unlocks her story, but still… it’s a terrible mental image. I think it’s clear that Asuka is going to be the main enemy for the rest of the series now. Man, she’s a psycho! I was almost convinced that she killed Kirika. She almost killed Kisa too, but thankfully Arisu intervened. It’s also revealed that Arisu has no memories to unlock. I wonder why that is. Hopefully, more will be revealed soon. Next, I officially declare Kiraha an idiot. She’s still hitting on Aruto, even after everything that happened in episode 8. She really has to grow up. Maybe when she does, she can go get a job on the animation crew and whip them into shape. The animation quality was at an all time low this week. Some cells were just hideous!

For the sake of everyone, please stop Kiraha Cute! It's a shame everyone hates her I am not dead Kisa, before demonstrating her amazing acrobatic skills

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